When you purchase an ecoDMS licence, our archiving solution provides a number of services. Each licence you purchase includes a simultaneous client connection and an ecoDMS Mobile App activation, as well as 10 API connects. You can install clients and plugins as often as you like, regardless of the number of licenses. The number of profiles created in Connection Manager is also unlimited. However, the number of connected profiles depends on the number of licenses purchased. If the permitted number of concurrent connections is exceeded, an error message is displayed.
  • ecoDMS connection manager:
    • Via the ecoDMS connection manager you can make a connection from the client to your ecoDMS archive. For each ecoDMS licence you purchase, you can make one simultaneous connection (= one profile) with your archiving system in the connection manager.
  • ecoDMS web client:
    • The web client requires a licence for each simultaneous login. If you, for example, want to use the web client parallel to the desktop client, you require 2 licences.
  • ecoDMS API:
    • In order to use the API, you require a free, simultaneous connection to the ecoDMS archive. In order to test the API, you automatically receive a monthly quota of 10 API licences with each ecoDMS licence. These will continue to be available even if you purchase more API connects.
  • ecoDMS mobile:
    • With each ecoDMS licence you purchase, you receive one "free" ecoDMS mobile access. If, for example, you have purchased an ecoDMS licence with 1 simultaneous connection to the archive, you can establish a connection via the connection manager (or, alternatively, via the API or the web client). At the same time, you can install the licence number on a smart phone or tablet. Then you can use a simultaneous connection (= 1 profile) on this device at the same time as a client access. If you wish to connect more mobile devices, profiles or clients with your ecoDMS licence, you require additional ecoDMS licences.
    • ecoDMS mobile is an exception in the lifecycle of the archiving solution. Please note the details for ecoDMS mobile in the lifecycle.

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