The message "User is locked" displays when the user entered the password incorrectly more than 3 times. Then the system blocks the user for security reasons. In order to change the password and re-enable access for the respective user, you have the following options:
  • Log in with the user "ecoSIMSAdmin". Next to the automatically generated user "ecodms", there is also this system administrator. This user only serves system configuration and thus has the permission to make system settings and manage users. This user is not able to archive, view and/or classify documents. After installation, the access data for this administrator is:
    • User name: ecoSIMSAdmin
    • Password: ecoSIMSAdmin
  • For security reasons, this password should be changed immediately after login. If you have connected with this user, you can change the password of the blocked user in the user dialogue box in the ecoDMS client (refer to the ecoDMS manual), so that this user can register with the new password and log in to the system.
Should this password also be unknown to the ecoSIMSAdmin, and there is no other access data available either, ecoDMS support will be able to help you.