• As of ecoDMS version 14.08 (krusty), licences can be activated easily through the Settings dialogue box in ecoDMS. A licence file is no longer required.
  • Because of comprehensive innovations, changes and additional functions, you cannot use licences from previous versions to activate a new major release.
  • Should you be using a virtual machine, you must use a hardware virtual machine (HVM). Paravirtualisation (PV) is not supported. A licence activation is not possible otherwise.
  • YThe activation of a license is always permitted for one server instance. To activate the license for example for another server instance or after reinstallation you must first deactivate this license.
  • If you cannot deactivate the licence according to the instructions in the ecoDMS manual because, for example, you did not deactivate your licence as described above, you can use our form to request ecoDMS GmbH to reset (deactivate) your licence (Support -> Licence Restoration).

System Environment

Please note the official system requirements for each application before installation. If your system does not meet these requirements, we cannot guarantee the smooth and stable operation of our software.

Direct Manufacturer Support

We are pleased to offer professional support and services on the way to digitalising and archiving your documents.