The ecoDMS archive system has a security function, which locks a user after several wrong attempts to enter their password. When the user logs in, the connection manager displays the message: "User is locked". In order to unlock the user and reset the password, proceed as follows:
  1. Log in with the role of ecoDMS system administrator "ecoSIMSAdmin". You can find the login details in the chapter "Access Data" in the ecoDMS manual.
    1. Alternatively, you can log in with an ecoDMS user who has the permission to administrate the system (ecoSIMSAdmin system role).
  2. Open the ecoDMS client and then ecoDMS user and group management.
  3. Select the user in the "User" area of the user and group management section.
  4. Click the "Password" button.
  5. A dialogue box opens. Enter the following information:
    1. New password: Enter the new password for the user.
      1. The old password is not required for this process.
      2. Upon the first login, the user is asked to enter this password and replace it with a different password.
    2. Confirm password: You must confirm the password for security reasons.
  6. Confirm your entry with "OK" or abort the process with "Cancel".
  7. Once you have successfully made the changes, the message "Your password was changed successfully." appears.
  8. Confirm the message with «OK».
    1. The user is now unlocked.
  9. The user can now log in with the new ecoDMS password via the Connection Manager.
    1. Upon login, the user is asked to replace this password with a different password.
If it is not possible to login with any user because you do not have any user data, please contact our support team. We are looking forward to supporting you on your way to digitalising your documents with ecoDMS. To do so, we offer various service and support options: Here you can find an overview of our free offers and offers that are subject to charge.