In order to test the ecoDMS system for free for a period of 30 days, please note the following:
  • The trial is not intended for use with a backup file containing productive data. The demo version is intended for the purpose of learning about an ecoDMS version.
  • If you import a backup, the 30-day trial period immediately expires and the message indicating the termination of the trial period displays.
  • Do not import a default settings file for ecoDMS during the trial period. If you manually import default settings after you have installed the programme, the system will recognise this as a data recovery process (importing a backup) and will terminate the trial period.
    • Note that if you make default settings during the server installation, the trial period will not be terminated!
  • If you would like to test ecoDMS again following the trial period, you must uninstall / delete the entire ecoDMS system (all ecoDMS components including database). If you then reboot the computer, you will be able to install the programme as a new installation.
  • It is generally feasible to import existing ecoDMS data and/or test data (importing an ecoDMS backup), but it will automatically lead to a termination of the trial period of the trial version.