Several DocIDs are assigned when executing mass classification for a document. Mass classification can be executed in different ways:
  1. You have manually added and saved a new "tab" when classifying a document.
  2. You have created classification templates. It may be that several classification templates apply to a document. When classifying the document, ecoDMS displays the recognised templates on different "tabs". You can delete the tabs with the unwanted classifications before archiving.
    1. As of ecoDMS version 14.08 (update 10): If you execute the classification templates in a dark process in the background, ecoDMS automatically archives the recognised classifications for a document. If ecoDMS recognises several templates, mass classifications are created for your document and the DocID will appear in ecoDMS several times.
    2. Recommendation: If you are working with templates, assign distinct values for recognition.
For more information on the topic "Mass Classification", please refer to the ecoDMS manual. The manuals are available as free PDFs in the download area of this website.