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We have not exactly integrated a standard function to write notes directly onto PDFs. ecoDMS is designed to be audit proof. A PDF is a closed document which is not supposed to be changed. In order to leave the document unchanged by notes, ecoDMS has a Notes window. With the Notes window in ecoDMS, users can attach notes to a document. The function is similar to the famous sticky notes. Notes can be attached to a document, edited and also deleted. If notes are available for a document, the file is marked accordingly in ecoDMS. In the ecoDMS table the user immediately recognises that a note is attached to a specific document.

ecoDMS Version 16.09 (eleanor)

The Advanced Full Text Search includes Classification Attributes and Notes in addition to the contents of documents. If you want to search for document content and simultaneously for Classification Attributes and Notes, you must enable the Advanced Full-Text Search.

ecoDMS Version 14.08 (krusty) und früher

As the notes in ecoDMS are not part of the document and only serve as "editable user information", they are not included in the full-text index.