Please refer to the ecoDMS manual. The access data are written here.

Default User

In order to work with the document management system, you must register via the connection manager. Use the following access data for the initial login:
  • User: ecodms
  • Password: ecodms
We recommend you change the password as soon as possible.

System Administrator

Apart from the automatically generated user there is also a so-called system administrator. This user works on the system configuration and has the right to make system settings and create new users. This user is not able to archive, view and/or classify documents.
  • User name: ecoSIMSAdmin
  • Password: ecoSIMSAdmin
For security reasons, this password should be changed immediately after login.

PostgreSQL Database

If postgreSQL is installed over the ecoDMS installer, the following user information is used for the database:
  • User name: postgres
  • Password: postgres
If there is already a matching postgreSQL version available because, for example, the database was installed manually, the access data that was assigned during the installation of postgreSQL applies.

Scaninput Folder

The Scaninput folder is a Samba share. A standard user is created during the Ubuntu installation.
  • User name: dmsscanner
  • Password: dmsscanner
You can also enter any other user created in the Ubuntu system.