The ecoDMS Archive can be used with any scanner that meet the requirements of ecoDMS scanner. There are many scanners. Therefore, we can not test all models.

Together with our qualified hardware partners, we provide professional document management for everyone. The clever combination of scanner and document management offers the perfect DMS solution for your business. The devices offered in our shop are certified for the scan in the scaninput folder and for the scan using TWAIN (Windows).
  • If your scanner meets the following criteria, you can normally use it. We recommend you to test your scanner with the ecoDMS demo version. After successful testing, you can activate the full version with a licence.
  • Basically you can use any network scanner and any USB scanner which have the "Scan-to-Folder" function to scan into the scan-input folder of ecoDMS.
  • In addition, you can use numerous scanners, which have a TWAIN/WIA interface, to directly scan into the ecoICE scan-programme.
  • The device must have PDF and/or TIFF as scan formats.
  • It is best to scan in the documents in black and white (black-white= 1-bit colour depth) or in shades of grey with 200-300 DPI.
For more information and instructions for scanning, see the System Requirements. In addition, see the video area for a suitable product video.