Yes, the ecoDMS server can be installed on NAS from QNAP and Synology since version 14.08 (krusty) update 12-1. ecoDMS supports those device types which allow container virtualization via "Docker". Not all models of the Synology and QNAP ranges support Docker. If the latest version of the Synology or QNAP software is installed on an NAS, and Docker is not available, the model is not compatible with ecoDMS.
  • When using Synology, Docker can be installed via the "Synology package centre".
  • The "QNAP ContainerStation" integrates the virtualization technologies LXC (Linux Container) and Docker.
  • ecoDMS provides dedicated images for "QNAP and Synology" to install the ecoDMS server on the "NAS system".
For the installation it is important to consider the official system requirements. Also users are advised to read the steps and notes on the ecoDMS server installation on an NAS device in the installation guide.

Definition NAS- Network Attached Storage

The acronym "NAS" stands for "network attached storage". Such a system enables storing and providing data in a network. In contrast to the ordinary hard disk storage located directly in or connected with a computer and which, as a rule, is only available to the users that work directly with that PC, NAS systems allow network access from throughout the network. In this case it is a "store that is connected to a network", which means network-attached storage or, for short, "NAS". Apart from providing storage in a network, an "NAS" has many more functions to offer. The devices supported by ecoDMS have their own operating system.

System Requirements