There are several ways of configuring the adapters, depending on the type of email system you want to integrate. The following scenarios describe practical applications:
  1. RECOMMENDED: Downloading from a so-called journal mailbox via a technical userThis mailbox contains copies of all incoming, outgoing and internal emails from all users. Various email systems offer the option of configuring a journal mailbox. To allow ecoMAILZ access to a journal mailbox, you must make the appropriate settings in your email system. The exact configuration depends on the system and may vary considerably from system to system. Please refer to the user manual of your email application. Once you have access to a journal mailbox, it is sufficient to configure one adapter as the source for the emails you want to import and archive in ecoMAILZ. This method is recommended and requires the lowest maintenance effort.
  2. Downloading from individual mailboxes with the login credentials of the mailbox ownerFor this option, the configuration of ecoMAILZ is not much different to that of an email client used for downloading emails on a daily basis. The disadvantage of this solution, however, is that you must configure a dedicated adapter for each mailbox you want to archive. This will significantly increase the maintenance effort. Once your email system and your adapters are configured in ecoMAILZ, the adapters start archiving emails.