Hosted ecoDMS

Secure Data Center with Storage Capacity for the ecoDMS Document Management System

  • Only you have exclusive access to your data
  • The entire archive is stored in a German data center
  • Each concurrent ecoDMS connection you purchase includes 10 GB storage capacity
  • Our Qualified Premium Resellers are there to offer support and answer your questions
Digitalizing • Archiving • Managing • Retrieving
Hosted ecoDMS
  • Details and prices on request
  • Sale via hosted ecoDMS vendor
More Time for Your Core Business

What does Hosted ecoDMS offer?

  • Document Management
  • Digital Archive
  • Secure Data Center
  • Complies with GDPR & GoBD (German Generally Accepted Principals of Computerised Accounting Systems)
  • Automated Backups & Updates
  • Notebook, Desktop or Smart Phone
German Data Center

Data Center and Storage Capacity

  • Only you have exclusive access to your data
  • All data in your archive is stored in a German data center at Hetzner Online
  • We offer ecoDMS with the so-called concurrent-user licensing model.
  • Only concurrent connections to the archive are counted
  • Each concurrent user has a 10 GB storage capacity, which can be scaled further in 10 GB steps.
We Look After Everything

Backups & Updates

  • We use geo-redundancy to make daily backups that are stored for 7 days
  • We update to new ecoDMS versions so you can use new features when they are released.
Qualified Premium Resellers

Your Contact for Hosted ecoDMS

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Product Consulting / Pre Sales
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