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ecoDMS GmbH from Aachen has published an update for the email archiving software "ecoMAILZ". ecoMAILZ is a standalone software for automatic, legally compliant email archiving. The packages of ecoMAILZ version 17.08 (donnie) Build 1.0.2 can be downloaded at for Windows, Ubuntu, Debian and Docker, including NAS support for QNAP and Synology. The archiving software can therefore now be installed and used on all platforms. In addition to the plugins for Outlook and ecoDMS Archive, a Thunderbird addon is now available. The update also includes important bugfixes, programme improvements and interesting new features. The full changelog is available on the ecoDMS website.

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Update Highlights

The developers have included many requests from ecoMAILZ users in this update. Among these are the following new features and optimisations:
  • Backup schedules can now be configured for each adapter.
  • Multiple selection of emails in the email list is now possible. This allows users to edit the status of several messages simultaneously.
  • Messages can be easily selected with touch and hold on mobile and tablet screens.
  • The system can now send system messages. This means users, for example, receive information about backups via email.
  • Users who do not require a backup schedule can set this to 0.
  • The language of the web client can be configured individually for each user. There is a choice between English and German.

Important Update Information

If ecoMAILZ is already installed, the system recommends users to make a clean backup before installing the update. Users are also recommended to read the updated user manuals. They include the detailed installation and application steps. The manuals are also available for download at as PDF files.


About ecoMAILZ

ecoMAILZ fulfils the necessary requirements for legally compliant email archiving. The heart of ecoMAILZ is the integrated email archive based on container storage technology, which ensures the long-term storage of all email messages in accordance with revision standards. The archive is populated via so-called adapters, which provide the interface to virtually all standard email systems. There are several ways of configuring the adapters depending on the local factors of the email system you want to include. Backup schedules can now be configured for each adapter. They represent a fundamental feature of ecoMAILZ. ecoMAILZ offers import functions from different email servers and groupware solutions. Among these are Microsoft Exchange Server, Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP), POP3 and the file system. The configurable review deadline ensures that all incoming emails go through a two-step archiving process. It ensures that emails that do not require permanent archiving are marked for deletion and removed from the archive once the deadline has expired. This, for example, ensures that private emails or other emails that do not legally require archiving, are kept out of the archive.

ecoMAILZ convinces with a user-friendly set of features and easy operation. The programme downloads emails directly from the server and fully automatically saves them to the email archive. The email archive can be accessed via web browser from the PC, smart phone and tablet. The archived emails can be retrieved quickly using full-text search. The search also includes the metadata and readable information from email attachments.

The addons for Thunderbird and MS Outlook connect ecoMAILZ with the above-mentioned email interfaces. This allows users to monitor the archiving status and make various archiving settings directly in Microsoft Outlook and Thunderbird.

The software also contains a plugin to connect ecoMAILZ with the renowned document management system ecoDMS. The plugin allows users to download, retrieve and transfer archived emails from ecoMAILZ to ecoDMS Archive with the appropriate classification.

ecoMAILZ offers legally compliant email archiving to everyone, because the licensing model for this email archive is flexible, fair and customer-friendly. The software is available for a reasonable price of 49 Euro per user. Apart from the full version and the available plugins, the license price also includes a two-year update service. The update service can be extended once it has expired. The number of users can be specified individually by the customer and also extended later on if required.

User can download a free version of the software from the download area of the ecoDMS website. ecoMAILZ can be used for up to 3000 emails in a free demo version. Beyond this, a license is required for the full version.

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