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This year, the world's largest trade fair for information technology has adopted a new, modernised concept. And ecoDMS GmbH will be participating as an exhibitor. At CeBIT 2018, hall 5, booth 015 D58, ecoDMS will be presenting its archiving systems and will also have many great surprises in store. Until June we will be successively disclosing several secrets. This much is sure: In the d!conomy area, visitors of the trade fair can expect the latest methods, technologies and possibilities for digital document and email archiving.

And already the Aachen software manufacturer is starting to roll out the brand new ecoDMS One solution for business clients. This modern full archiving package offers businesses guaranteed planning security. It consists of licenses, support and software maintenance with updates and upgrades for the successful archiving systems ecoDMS and ecoMAILZ and the ecoDMS API. ecoDMS One is a special offer for business customers and is independent of the online model.


Exclusively for CeBIT, all customers who decide to purchase ecoDMS One now will receive the "ecoMAILZ" email archive with full functionality without paying for a license. Read more about the discounted licensing model and further product information on the ecoDMS website.

Licensing Model Product Details

ecoDMS One is based on the software components ecoDMS Archive, ecoMAILZ and ecoDMS API. Here the company provides all software versions (Major and Minor releases) for download during the term of the license agreement. The duration of the license term of ecoDMS One can be flexibly extended every 12 months. The package also includes customised technical support from the manufacturer to cater for each company's needs. ecoDMS GmbH offers immediate and needs-based support for questions about processes and helps with the development of a solution concept. The ecoDMS One license for ecoDMS Archive has an unlimited number of API connects (uploads and downloads). The activation of the API Rest Service offers the possibility to implement programmed connections between any third party system and ecoDMS Archive. The full "ecoMAILZ" email archive is also included. In order to test and expertly integrate the software before and during the introduction in a company, the users will receive free NFR test licenses for all systems.

Fair pricing and ecoMAILZ licenses during the "CeBIT special" for free!

ecoDMS One always contains the full version of all archiving systems of ecoDMS GmbH. The license price for the archiving software is paid once upon purchase of the ecoDMS One package. For the document management system "ecoDMS Archive" including "ecoDMS API" this is 250 Euro per simultaneous connection. The "ecoMAILZ" email archive usually costs 41 Euro per user in this business package. However, for a first time purchase with the "CeBIT Special" offer, ecoMAILZ is included for free. The free number of licenses may be 10 times the number of purchased licenses for ecoDMS Archive. For existing software licenses, there will be no follow-up costs, even if a new Major release is published. These are provided with the ongoing software maintenance. For software maintenance and support, ecoDMS GmbH charges an annual fee that amounts to 20% of the current official license price. This allows companies to make long-term provisions for their IT expenditure and always guarantees access to the latest software versions.

An overview of the archiving systems

The document management system "ecoDMS Archive" is a cross-platform client-server system. It is designed for archiving electronic documents in a database. Users can scan, archive, manage and retrieve their paper and digital documents in a central document archive. ecoMAILZ is a software for automatic and legally compliant email archiving. With the introduction of ecoMAILZ, users can archive all new and existing emails including attachments securely and directly from the email server. The "ecoDMS API" is a programming interface of "ecoDMS Archive". Any applications, such as CRM systems, merchandise management systems and many more can be connected with the "ecoDMS Archive" via this modern interface. The API connects required for the use of this API are already enabled in ecoDMS One.

Software made in Germany

ecoDMS GmbH offers first class software for digitizing, archiving, managing and automating documents, files, emails, information and much more.

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