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ecoDMS and ecoMAILZ from the Aachen IT manufacturer ecoDMS GmbH save businesses and private users alike a lot of time and money when digitalising, archiving and managing their documents, files and emails. The software products are particularly good value for money, quick to install, easy to use and they simplify the document workflow.

The document archive forms an important part of every company. Due to the increasing volume of files, the cost for archiving and storing all this data is also growing. Invoices, contracts, HR files, tax documents, documentation and much more needs to be quickly retrievable to ensure that the respective processes run smoothly. Digitalised documents make a major contribution to speeding up business processes. By employing such archiving systems, companies save important time and valuable money. With just a few clicks, users obtain a full overview of the archived and required files on their own monitor. Specifically, this means that digitalisation improves a company's business processes through the use of modern document management solutions. This opens up large opportunities for companies and makes daily work more convenient in many ways.

For example, all incoming business emails can be automatically archived with ecoMAILZ. Afterwards, it is quicker and easier to access the archived emails via web browser on the computer, smart phone or tablet. ecoMAILZ can be accessed through various mail servers and groupware solutions. Among these are Microsoft Exchange Server, Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP), POP3 and the file system. This takes into account incoming and outgoing mailboxes, including all available attachments. The system automatically retrieves all emails for archiving, full-text indexes text, readable information and attachments, and saves the messages securely in containers in the email archive. Because ecoDMS automatically performs the archiving and full-text indexing processes in the background, employees do not need to think about how and where business emails are stored. Within seconds all required emails can be retrieved. In addition to the web client, plugins for all standard email clients form an integral part of the email archive. The affordable license price of 49 Euro per user makes the software affordable for everyone. Of course the seamless, digital strategy also comprises the handling of all other digital and paper documents. In times of digitalisation, it is becoming ever more important to quickly and securely edit and distribute documents on all types of devices and platforms. The immediate access to business information and documents from any location is indispensable today.

ecoDMS Archive from ecoDMS is able to store all documents in a central, electronic document archive. The document management system is based on the latest technology and maps all processes in the best possible way. Already during the scanning process, the system interprets, full-text indexes and classifies the incoming information. The ecoDMS client retrieves data in a flash which can then be used immediately. Data which is already available in digital form on the computer can be transferred to the archive with just a few mouse clicks. This data is also full-text indexed in the background and archived through a classification template, without any further intervention by staff. In addition to the scanning and document archiving function, a PDF/A printer and plugins for Office applications and email clients form an integral part of the full version. The unique one-time purchase price of 69 Euro per simultaneous connection makes ecoDMS the best priced archiving solution on the market. A plugin also enables the combination of both archiving solutions. This allows users to open emails that were archived in ecoMAILZ through the ecoDMS user interface. Retrieving the data is as easy as childsplay and very convenient thanks to intelligent search functions.

Both archiving systems are available for free download and testing at The full version can be purchased through the online shop on the website via electronic payment.

ecoDMS GmbH will be exhibiting at this year's CEBIT 2018. Apart from the two archiving solutions, the applord Group, to which ecoDMS GmbH also belongs, will be presenting interesting solutions around digitalisation and archiving. From June 11 to 15, 2018, visitors to the exhibition can learn more about the archiving solutions at booth 015 D58.

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