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This year ecoDMS GmbH is exhibiting at CEBIT in Hanover. The Aachen-based software company is exhibiting in hall 5, stand D58, presenting their own archiving systems "ecoDMS" (document management system) and "ecoMAILZ" (email archive), among other products.

At ecoDMS everything revolves around modern and affordable document and email archiving. The software is aimed at small and large companies, and the IT company even addresses private persons with the archiving systems. ecoDMS GmbH has succeeded in making the first archiving systems, which are ideal for any type of user regarding technology, features and pricing.

Visitors to CEBIT will get to know the latest solutions for long-term, audit-compliant and low-cost document, file and email storage. With "Digitalisation 2.0", ecoDMS also announces more archiving highlights and innovations. First secrets are to be revealed before the exhibition.

Today, the company from Aachen will be giving an insight into their "ecoDMS Archive" software.

The ecoDMS document archive securely stores all documents and files in a central electronic archive. The system automatically reads and full-text indexes every readable bit of information in the background during the archiving process. This allows you to retrieve the required data within seconds, for example, through full-text search. The client-server system is easily set up and configured by the user. Company structures and permissions can be customised.

This DMS solution stands out particularly due to its unique "low-cost concept", which is not based on volume, and its user-friendly interface. Thousands of customers are already successfully employing ecoDMS. Platform-independence and high scalability allow the application of ecoDMS in virtually any IT infrastructure. The documents are archived securely in the customer's database, as opposed to being located on third party servers or on your file system, where they are easy to manipulate. Changing from the conventional filing system to a modern, digital archive is easy to implement at low-cost. An unlimited licence fee for the full version is 69.00 Euro net. The license price covers all features that you expect from a document archive. A license has unlimited validity and has no restrictions regarding the number of documents. To dot the i, each licensee receives a lifetime license-price guarantee. This means that users benefit from a fixed price and the long-term security of receiving the latest ecoDMS versions at the same license price.

Digitalising the inbox

ecoDMS really simplifies document management with their motto "Scanning, archiving, managing, retrieving". After being scanned, the digitalized invoices, contracts, delivery notes, and much more can be accessed directly through the interface and can then distributed immediately to the appropriate folders or the responsible staff without requiring manual photocopying and delivery. Virtually all document scanners and multifunctional devices can be used for scanning.

Office and email plugins

Apart from the client and server components, the full version also contains plugins for Outlook and Thunderbird, allowing users to manually archive their emails from those applications. ecoDMS fully archives emails in the standard "eml" format and additionally in the audit-proof PDF/A long-term archiving format. Moreover, the plugins for MS Office, LibreOffice and OpenOffice allow direct archiving from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Writer, Calc, Draw and Impress. The Office documents can be archived directly without intermediate step in ecoDMS and are made available to users as audit-compliant PDF/A document, as well as in the original format. The original file can be edited and saved as a new version if required. Data that is already available digitally, can be easily dragged and dropped into the archive.

Automatic document recognition

During the archiving process, the intelligent template designer from ecoDMS automatically recognises documents, enters the data in the right place and fills in the required metadata.

Web and mobile functions

For all web-savvy users, ecoDMS offers apps for Android and IOS that allow archiving and secure access from the smart phone or tablet directly. Moreover, you can access the documents in ecoDMS from different internet browsers via the web interface.

Using ecoDMS as network and single workstation solution

Being a client-server system, ecoDMS can be conveniently implemented in the in-house network. The technical structure of this archiving solution also makes the digital archive attractive to private users. The entire document management system can be used without restrictions as single workstation solution.

Free trial - Always free for private users as Free4Three version

The software license is available in various "editions", whereby the components are identical. They merely differ in the scope of features and service. In contrast to the regular DMS solutions, the software can be downloaded for free from the manufacturer at After the first installation, ecoDMS is automatically enabled as demo version with nearly all functions for the first 30 days. If no licence code is entered, the system automatically restricts the functions after 30 days. This is then the Free4Three Edition. It may only be used privately, but for an unlimited period. Those, who want to use ecoDMS after the demo phase or with the full scope of functions, need a licence for the full version. This can be purchased in the ecoDMS online shop at a price of 69.00 Euro. The low licence fee, of course, cannot include any additional services, such as support by ecoDMS technicians. But this has a good reason: "Those who do not require support should not need to pay for it." Support and services can be purchased individually - also at a low price - with your document management system.

ecoDMS also offers ecoDMS One for corporate customers

ecoDMS One is a modern "Full Service Package" for corporate customers. With ecoDMS One, ecoDMS GmbH provides guaranteed planning security to corporate customers. This solution offers a fixed pricing structure for software updates and technical support by the manufacturer during the licence period. Those who decide to purchase ecoDMS One will get all Major and release updates of our archiving systems for free during the license term. In addition, ecoDMS One includes technical support from the manufacturer according to the modern prepaid principle.

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