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This year CEBIT in Hanover will enter the next round. ecoDMS GmbH from Aachen will also be part of it. Visitors will be able to see a lot of new developments at the booth of the company from Aachen. They will get exclusive insights into the next generation of the "ecoDMS Archive", which is scheduled to be released to market at the end of 2018. Moreover, there are new features in the "ecoMAILZ" email archive to marvel at. The highlights of the exhibition will be the brand new automating components "ecoSAM" and "ecoWORKFLOW", which are exhibited at CEBIT for the first time. Partners of the software company will also be present at the booth. They will show interesting solutions and interfaces for the archiving systems of ecoDMS GmbH.

"ecoDMS goes Mobile" - New ecoDMS version at the end of the year

A new ecoDMS major release is about to be released this year: Lovers of the document management system are absolutely right with this assumption. The new version is scheduled to be released at the end of 2018. The exact release date is not yet fixed but will be announced by ecoDMS GmbH as soon as possible. At CEBIT in Hanover, ecoDMS fans can take an exclusive look behind the scenes and catch a first glimpse of the new version. This much can already be said: The new motto "ecoDMS goes Mobile" shows the new major release in the limelight with an entirely mobile user interface, next to the existing desktop client. The responsive design allows cross-platform use of the document management system on the smart phone, tablet and PC. The archiving solution allows the easy scanning, archiving, management and quick retrieval of all files and documents. Intelligent document recognition automatically determines document affiliation and stores the files in the correct place and for the specified users when archiving. The integrated full-text recognition and further filtering functions make searching for documents as easy as googling. The software is quick to install and easy to operate. The current version 16.09 (eleanor) is available in the online shop for only 69 Euro including 19% VAT per simultaneous connection. For those who do not yet possess an ecoDMS full version, purchasing just one license of the current version will secure a lifetime license price guarantee of 69 Euro per simultaneous connection.

First glance behind the scenes (preview images of ecoDMS version 18.xx - mobile view)

News from the "ecoMAILZ" email archive

In 2017, ecoDMS GmbH released ecoMAILZ, a standalone software for legally compliant and automatic email archiving. With ecoMAILZ, all incoming and outgoing emails including their attachments can be stored long-term in a central archive. The software fulfils the necessary requirements for legally compliant email archiving. The heart of ecoMAILZ is the integrated email archive based on container storage technology, which ensures the long-term storage of all email messages in accordance with audit standards. The archive is populated via so-called adapters, which provide the interface to virtually all standard email systems. The configurable review deadline ensures that all incoming emails go through a two-step archiving process. In this way private and other, non-relevant messages can be exempted from archiving. Licenses are available in the online shop for just 49 Euro including 19% VAT per user.

Insights in to the current version 17.09 (donnie)

ecoSAM for automating document processes in ecoDMS

Visitors to CEBIT can expect another exhibition highlight with ecoSAM. The Smart Archive Manager is based on the new ecoDMS major release and enables the automation of specific document and classification processes within ecoDMS. One of many possibilities, for example, is the automatic archiving and classification of an incoming invoice arriving via email. Moreover, the system is able to assign roles based on document type. Users can configure ecoSAM through an easy-to-use interface. Licenses for ecoSAM can be purchased for merely 99 Euro including 19% VAT per ecoDMS server instance in the online shop of ecoDMS GmbH. ecoSAM will be available at the end of 2018 or the beginning of 2019.

Enhanced Automation Potential through ecoWORKFLOW

ecoWORKFLOW is another new product ecoDMS GmbH will present at CEBIT. The open workflow system allows the automation of any number of processes within and outside of the ecoDMS archive. Many modules offer a large number of functions. Among these are, for example, automatic importing and exporting of data, sending messages and creating calendar entries. This is just a small extract of the large range of functions. A dynamic, customizable web interface allows the configuration of individual processes. An open interface allows easy connection of external applications to the workflow. The workflow solution is scheduled to be available for purchase in the 3rd or 4th quarter of 2018.

First glance behind the scenes (preview images of ecoWORKFLOW version 18.XX)

Interesting Custom Functions from Qualified ecoDMS Partners

At the ecoDMS GmbH booth all solutions will be presented in talks and live presentations. Moreover, ecoDMS experts will be answering visitors' questions at CEBIT. Partners will be supporting the staff from Aachen and will also be presenting their own solutions at the booth. ecoDMS GmbH and their partners aconitas GmbH, blue:solution software GmbH, BROTHER INTERNATIONAL GmbH, Brunner GmbH & Co. KG, Grothe IT-Service GmbH and Intellekta GmbH will be at CeBIT in Hanover from June 11 to 15 in hall 5, booth D58.

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