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The archiving systems from ecoDMS GmbH are known to be the lowest cost and most popular software solutions on the document and email archiving market. Particularly low license and support fees, full functional scope, simple operation, and easy purchase and download of the software via internet make ecoDMS products a very attractive choice for businesses and private individuals. The online shop for ecoDMS GmbH software offers quick purchase and cashless payment for software licenses and optional support packages. Those who purchase here receive a software license for the respective programme version that is unlimited by time. Support is on an entirely voluntary basis. Anyone who does not require support does not need to spend money on it. ecoDMS One is a full solution from the Aachen-based company that is exclusively for business customers and can be purchased outside of the shop system.

The ecoDMS One solution focuses on business clients. Entrepreneurs want to make long-term plans and value an all-inclusive service. This is why they prefer purchasing software that already includes support and update services. The ecoDMS One package offers just that! Guaranteed planning security with fixed, calculable annual support fees and all available version updates. This modern low-cost solution comprises ecoDMS and ecoMAILZ licenses, API connects and support and software maintenance, including update service for the entire license term. The solution is sold through the conventional sales department with annual invoicing.

ecoDMS One offers businesses all they need for archiving documents and emails. The ecoDMS document archive enables long-term and revision-compliant archiving of any documents and files. ecoDMS stores, professionally manages, automatically assigns and retrieves all information in a central archive. The archiving system comprises an intelligent OCR with full-text search, MS Office, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Outlook and Thunderbird plugins, a virtual PDF-A printer, export functions, version management, document history, custom settings and access options, and much more. The ecoDMS One license also activates the "ecoDMS API" interface for ecoDMS Archive. This allows the connection of any third-party software to ecoDMS.

With ecoMAILZ, users can archive all new and existing emails with their attachments automatically, legally compliant and directly from the email server. The ecoMAILZ container storage system offers the best possible security for storing, backing up and restoring all archived emails. The software also contains a plugin to connect ecoMAILZ and the ecoDMS Archive.

In order to comprehensively test the software and, for example, connect it to proprietary systems, ecoDMS One comprises the full versions and separate, free NFR licenses. The NFR licenses offer full functionality without restrictions.

Those who decide to purchase ecoDMS One no longer need to worry about buying new software versions or receiving support. ecoDMS specialists offer support within the scope of the respective ecoDMS One support during the test phase and during productive operation. With the purchase of the required software license, all further costs for support and updates are included in the annual license fee.

More information on this and other topics is available at the website of the Aachen software company.

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