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It won't be long until the popular document management system ecoDMS will enter the next round with version 18.XX. Developers have just announced more new features. Moreover, there are brandnew screenshots that give a deeper insight into the new Major release. The new developments also incorporate much user feedback.

Document Overview in the Inbox

The inbox for scanned documents now has a clear document preview. The new window offers a complete overview of all documents available to the user in the inbox. Scanned documents are displayed in a list as a preview. Apart from the document preview, the overview also displays the number of pages in each file. Moreover, there is an option to remove documents from this overview that are not required (this is possible because the inbox is a preliminary step and not the final archive).

New Archiving Functions for Scanned Documents

As of version 18, all documents archived via the scaninput folder are saved per default with the "Not Finalized" status in version management. This means that as an option, more versions can be added in version management. To archive these documents as "Finalized" and to prevent more versions from being added, the "Finalize Document" function can be selected for the respective scaninput folder. Another new feature here is the assignment of a default classification template for the scaninput folder. A classification template should be chosen to assign the same classification to all documents that are archived via a scaninput folder. This is automatically applied to all documents that are entering the system through the scaninput folder.

Enhanced Version Management with Comment Function

Version management has also received interesting feature enhancements. Users can now retrieve and export PDFs as well as original files through version management. A function to send a selected version via email has also been implemented. Comments can be added to each version in version management. The comment function is also available when classifying via Office plugins.

New Subfilters for Resubmissions

ecoDMS version 18 offers two additional document filters for resubmissions. The "Expired" filter displays all results whose status in classification was set to "Resubmission" and whose resubmission date has already been reached or has expired. Moreover, there is a filter to display all documents for resubmission in the next 7 days.

This is another extract from the next ecoDMS version.

Innovations Revealed So Far: Brandnew, cross-platform web client (replaces the app), integrated icon collection in the Settings dialogue box, new time bar to filter by date, enhanced template control with zone recognition in one and multi-page documents, commenting PDFs, new license fee for new customers.

The exact release date will be announced shortly. For more information about ecoDMS Archive, visit More details and new developments will be announced in the news section at

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