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In calendar week 42, the software company from Aachen, ecoDMS GmbH, will be releasing the brandnew version of the successful ecoDMS archiving solution. With ecoDMS version 18.09 (apu), the Aachen team is heralding a new era in document management. The archiving system is a cross-platform system that runs on PC, smart phone and tablet. Numerous new functions and optimisations adorn this version. Some innovations have already been revealed. Today, developers are announcing new content:

Deleting Documents According to the Generally Accepted Principles of Computerised Accounting Systems in Germany (GoBD) and the GDPR

ecoDMS has a multi-step data erasure concept which is aligned with the legal "privacy" policies and the requirements of the generally accepted principles of computerised accounting systems in Germany. Documents can be moved to a virtual trash, from where they can be released for erasure by authorised users while respecting the configured retention periods, and then finally removed from the archive. With the irrevocable erasure of a file, all text information within the document history is anonymised. The actual document is replaced by an erasure log containing a justification. User access to the log and its "classification remainders" requires specific system permissions.

Legally Compliant Removal of Users

Users can be irrevocably removed if necessary. In this case the permissions for classifications and folder structures are transferred to another existing user. This user can also be a group or a system permission. The erased user is then removed from all system processes. This also applies to user name entries in the document history. These are anonymised according to legal requirements.

Remote Access without App

The new web client replaces the current mobile app. Thanks to the responsive design, the web interface can be used from a PC, laptop, smart phone and tablet as of version 18.09. Per default the web client can be used in a proprietary network. If archive access from outside via web client is required (such as from the mobile network or from other networks), remote access can now also be enabled in the ecoDMS settings. This allows access to the archive from any location. All this is achieved without an app. A current internet browser suffices to work with the web edition of the archiving system. The web client has numerous functions of the desktop version. From the inbox for scanned documents and general archive access with upload and download functions to intelligent search functions including filter templates and version control and many other features: The web client is bringing a breath of fresh air to the DMS world.

PDF Editor with Stamp Function

The integrated PDF editor allows users to add comments and images, such as stamps, to archived PDF files and save them as a new version. The PDF editor is available for all archived files with document preview that have been released for further editing. The PDF editor allows users to add comments to the document in form of text and graphics, such as stamps. Saving the comments automatically creates a new document version in ecoDMS. This means that the original is retained, and any changes are traceable through version management.

Lifetime License Fee Guarantee Secures Original License Price

A license for version 18.09 (apu) is available in the online shop of ecoDMS GmbH and from all official partners for a one-time fee of 89 Euro including 19% VAT. With the release of version 18.09 (apu), the sale of first licenses for version 16.09 (eleanor) will be suspended. License enhancements and support continue to be available. For those who have not yet purchased a license for version 16, there is still a chance to secure this version now. For the new Major release, all user will require a new paid license, but those who have already purchased a license for version 16.09 (eleanor) will benefit from the lifetime license fee guarantee when upgrading to version 18. The original license fee will be applied to version 18. Therefore, existing customers need not fear price increases.

Release in calendar week 42, 2018

The release is scheduled for calendar week 42 in 2018. The exact release day will be known shortly. More details and new functions available on the news page at

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