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MOSER GmbH & Co. KG has implemented a deep integration with the ecoDMS archiving solution in their new MOS’aik software release version 4.40. This enables MOS’aik users to control a central document archive directly from the interface of the software for crafts and trades businesses. This leads to more efficiency in document-related processes, ensuring a quick amortization of the investment into the additional costs for the custom function.

“To more effectively control document-related processes is an issue that currently concerns many crafts and trades businesses. It bears is a huge cost saving potential”, Christian Moser, managing director of MOSER GmbH & Co. KG explains. An example for this is processing incoming invoices. This is why the new version of MOS’aik supports users with ecoDMS Archive, which ideally suits the specific requirements for crafts and trades businesses. Businesses can archive documents of any file format simply through dragging and dropping. This includes PDF and Office files, emails, images, audio, contracts, invoices, account statements and packing slips. Intelligent search functions and filters simplify searching for and finding documents. For example, MOS’aik has an integrated full-text search, a context-sensitive search via macros (selecting values and direct search in MOS’aik) and incoming invoice import via OCR code. Keywords support the search and the solution comprises the definition and mapping of workflows.

“In this way crafts and trades businesses benefit from one central and transparent information archive”, says Michael Schmitz, one of the managing directors of ecoDMS GmbH, and goes on to explain: “Quick data archiving and searching and direct access are the hallmarks of a simple application, which makes time-consuming searches in folders or file cabinets a thing of the past. This is our claim”. “Moreover, businesses can save a lot of costs”, Christian A. Moser adds. For: “Not only do you spend less time, the value for money is also extremely favourable.”

The fact that MOSER GmbH & Co. KG is at the cutting edge of technology was proven recently on the BAU exhibition in Munich, where the company presented this archiving solution. At this première, MOS’aik already had a large number of enquiries.

About Moser:

The MOSER software company from Würselen / Aachen has been developing and selling software for medium-sized businesses since 1979 and is among the leading manufacturers of business software for medium-sized businesses in Germany in the crafts and trades, services and manufacturing industries. MOSER develops standard business software and customised solutions for medium organizations. The software products have a deployment of more than 100,000 seats. MOSER stands for technically outstanding programmes that are ideally suited for the industry, and their products are able to convince due to their flexibility and adaptability. MOSER is one of the few owner-managed, medium organizations in the software business with sites in Germany and in the neighbouring European countries The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Austria.


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