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The ecoDMS web client enables audit-proof document archiving from all locations and platforms for everyone. The ecoDMS web client allows quick and convenient access to the ecoDMS archiving system. The web client is loaded via web browser and allows convenient scanning, archiving, managing and retrieving of documents. ecoDMS GmbH has recently published a brand-new video. The video explains the functions and possibilities the web client offers.

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The ecoDMS client-server system can be accessed through the web client from a company’s network and optionally via remote access. The web client offers a large variety of ecoDMS functions.

As with the desktop client, customers can archive all documents using the drag and drop function. In the classification function, users can enter the target folder in ecoDMS, the document type, status and much more archiving information for each file they archive. The responsibilities can also be managed in permissions management.

Retrieving the archived data with ecoDMS is as easy as googling. The full-text search searches the contents of all documents. Moreover, the software includes metadata, classification attributes and notes. Apart from the full-text search, the software offers more filtering functions in the web interface.

In the web client, incoming paper documents are also processed via the inbox. After scanning, the digitalised documents are retrieved and prepared for archiving. As an option, the upload function allows the manual upload of PDF files to the inbox.

Users can view the different file versions in version management. The individual versions are sorted by date and can be downloaded for opening. The individual versions are archived through the dedicated ecoDMS plugins or via the desktop or web client.

Individual notes on a document can be written, edited and deleted in the Notes window. The function is similar to the famous sticky notes.

The web client has a restricted trash function. Documents that are no longer needed can thus be removed from the standard view. In this process the files are not deleted but stored in a virtual trash can. The web client permits read access to the trash including a restore function. Further erasure functions according to the GDPR and the Generally Accepted Principles of Computerised Accounting Systems in Germany are available in the ecoDMS desktop client.

This is just a small extract of the many ecoDMS functions. As a client-server system, ecoDMS Archive is the standard for cross-platform, long-term, revision-compliant document archiving.
The software also convinces users with its modern and customer-friendly licensing model. A license for the full edition is available for 89 Euro per simultaneous connection. This includes all ecoDMS functions, plugins, add-ons, a PDF-A printer and, of course, the web client. Private users can use ecoDMS in the limited Free4Three version for free. The archiving system can be tested for a period of 30 days in a trial version.

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