ecoDMS GmbH offers a comprehensive archiving system for scanning, archiving, managing and retrieving all document types. A particularly popular function of the current ecoDMS version 18.09 (apu) is its integrated PDF editor. It can digitally stamp and annotate documents in ecoDMS Archive. In a new product video, the company from Aachen gives a closer insight into how the PDF editor works. The video is available on the ecoDMS website and in the ecoDMS YouTube channel.

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The annotation function is available in ecoDMS Client for all archived files with document preview that are released for further editing and classification. Users need the required ecoDMS system permissions for archiving, classifying and versioning documents.

A document is edited in the preview window in ecoDMS Client. Text and images can be added to the content if necessary. For example, stamps can be created with a customized image. Simple text is also possible. Users can also work with placeholders. ecoDMS automatically replaces them with the respective images from the data stores. Examples for such stamps are the famous stamp for incoming mail “Registered on August 1, 2019” or the popular check stamp reading “Document checked by John Doe on August 6, 2019 at 10.00 am”.

The comments can also be decorated individually. Users can choose the font colour, font size and background. After saving the annotations, the associated file is archived as a new version in version management. The original thus remains unchanged.

As an option, the annotations created can be saved as templates. These are made available to all users with access to the PDF editor for further use and editing. Thus, general stamps and annotations can be made available to all users.

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ecoDMS Version 18.09 (apu)

Download the current version of the successful archiving system and test the features for free for 30 days. In the shop you can purchase licences for the full version.

ecoMAILZ Version 17.08 (donnie)

The "ecoMAILZ" email archive is a new standalone software for automatic and legally compliant email archiving. Test the software with up to 3000 messages for free.

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