The “ecoDMS” software allows users to digitally archive, manage and retrieve their documents. The archiving system convinces users with its many functions at low prices. In a video the manufacturer from Aachen presents the integrated version management of ecoDMS version 18.09 (apu). This allows different file versions to be archived and managed in ecoDMS Archive. This and other explainer videos are available in the official ecoDMS YouTube channel and the playlist on the ecoDMS website.

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To manage documents with version management in the archive, ecoDMS offers several different options:
  • Versioned archiving is carried out through ecoDMS plugins for Microsoft Office, Open Office and Libre Office.
  • Version management is enabled either through the combination of archiving through dragging and dropping and pressing the “Alt” button or through enabling the version box in the directory window of the ecoDMS menu.
  • Version management is enabled for the scan process in the Settings dialogue box in the area “Settings -> Scaninput -> Scan Options”.
Moreover, the version window allows direct storage of versions.To use version management requires specific file and system permissions. The administrator can grant the permissions to the responsible users.

The ecoDMS Office plugins are particularly handy. They transfer the documents directly from the Office application to the ecoDMS archive. Clicking the ecoDMS button in the respective application is sufficient to start the archiving process.

The Office files are archived in the original format as well as PDF/A. You can create any number of versions for a file. In this way the ecoDMS client can open, edit and archive the Office document as a new version. Before editing a version, the entire file can be locked for other users. Other users can then see that the document is being edited by another user.

The integrated version management also has other functions.
  • It is possible to send emails and export individual versions.
  • New versions can be added with the click of a button.
  • As an option, comments can be added to each version.
  • Documents can be moved directly into version management.
  • The final version can be finalised to prevent any further editing. The latest or final version is always visible in the table. All available file versions also remain in version management.
Version management can also be enabled for scanned documents. As a rule, they are archived as finalised documents. To enable the versioning function, the “Finalise Document” function must be disabled in the scan options. The scanned documents are then archived as non-finalised documents and more versions can be added.

This is only a small extract of all the possibilities ecoDMS Archive offers. For more information visit

ecoDMS Version 18.09 (apu)

Download the current version of the successful archiving system and test the features for free for 30 days. In the shop you can purchase licences for the full version.

ecoMAILZ Version 17.08 (donnie)

The "ecoMAILZ" email archive is a new standalone software for automatic and legally compliant email archiving. Test the software with up to 3000 messages for free.

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