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The ecoDMS document management system enables auditable document archiving for everyone. Secure archiving is the most important aspect of such a software solution. Nevertheless, there are certain circumstances that require the erasure of particular data. The current ecoDMS version 18.09 (apu) from the Aachen company includes a modern erasure concept that allows the legally compliant removal of documents and personal data according to the German Generally Accepted Principals of Computerised Accounting Systems and the GDPR.

The software distinguishes between the simple moving of documents to a virtual recycle bin and the irrevocable erasure of documents from the archive and document-independent erasure of personal data, i.e. user data.

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Use the “Move to Trash” function to remove documents that are no longer required from the main view (table) and move them to a virtual recycle bin. This function is available to all users with the permission to classify the affected documents in the archive.

Apart from the simple recycle bin function, ecoDMS also has an erasure function which authorised users can use to irrevocably remove documents from the archive using the integrated erasure concept. The documents pass through several steps in this process.

After moving a file to the recycle bin, it is presented to the user responsible for this file for approval. Whether a document is eligible for removal depends on the document settings. This is because each document type can have a dedicated retention period. The retention period determines when a document may actually be removed. This ensures, for example, that the legal retention period of invoices is complied with. Moreover, an additional review may be enabled prior to erasure. These security measures are implemented in the Settings dialogue box by the responsible administrator in the “Document Types” window.

When reviewing the document, the responsible user may extend the set retention period if required or release the document for immediate erasure of the file.

The ensuing erasure process requires the creation of an erasure log. At this point the user must enter a PIN code and a justification for the erasure process. This log then replaces the original file. In the classification and history, all text information is also anonymised. The comment box in the classification dialogue box is an example for such a text box. Only super administrators with specific access permissions for the archive can access the erasure log following the erasure.

Apart from document erasure, ecoDMS also allows the erasure of users. In this case permissions for classifications and folder structures are transferred to another existing user.

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