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ecoDMS is a software for long-term, audit-proof archiving of all documents and information. The ecoDMS document management system supports cross-platform and cross-system installation.

Being a client-server system, the ecoDMS server forms the base of the entire archiving software. The scalability of ecoDMS is part of the reason why the system can be implemented in virtually every IT infrastructure. This means that the archiving system can be used in private households, in small to medium-sized companies as well as in large corporations. The ecoDMS software can be installed as a local single-seat solution, integrated into existing networks and can also be operated as a rental solution. The documents are stored securely in a postgreSQL database and in containers of the proprietary ecoDMS server installation.

Unlimited access is granted via desktop client and web client. ecoDMS can be used on an office computer, or on a laptop en route, from a smart phone or a tablet.

The software can be configured to suit the required processes and structures. The required folder structures, document types including their retention periods, user permissions and much more can be configured individually through the user interface.

In ecoDMS all files and information is automatically full-text indexed. This simplifies their retrieval and makes searching for documents as easy as googling.

The system automatically recognises incoming documents, assigns them and, as an option, also archives them in a dark process without requiring further action from a user. This is facilitated by the integrated ecoDMS template designer. The template designer is used to create classification templates that contain the storage information and identifying features. The document management system uses the templates to detect invoice numbers, invoice totals, dates or the target folder of a file. The recognised values are used for document classification.

Comments and images can be added to archived files using the integrated ecoDMS PDF editor. For example, users can add receipt stamps or approval marks to their documents. A new version of these documents is then stored in the archiving system. The original file also remains in the archive.

Version Management allows you to archive any number of file versions. The plugins for Microsoft Office, OpenOffice and LibreOffice allow users to open, edit and save documents as a new version directly from the ecoDMS archive. The versioned files are stored as PDF/A and Office documents. The original files always remain in the archive.

Moreover, there are plugins available for Outlook and Thunderbird. Both allow manual archiving of incoming and outgoing emails directly from the respective email client. The documents are saved in the original EML format and in addition as PDF/A. ecoMAILZ is the ideal software for those who want to automate email archiving. ecoMAILZ automatically and securely stores all emails in a special email archive. Both archiving systems complement each other and can easily be connected with each other. ecoDMS and ecoMAILZ are both products of ecoDMS GmbH.

The virtual PDF/A printer prints documents from all printable applications such as accounting software, graphical or web applications straight to the archive. The ecoDMS printer can be configured flexibly and archiving from external applications can be largely automated.

Paper documents can also be digitised and archived with all types of scanners. In this case ecoDMS either archives the documents through its inbox or fully automatically in the background.

The scope of features in ecoDMS leaves nothing to be desired: All classification steps are documented to assure they conform with auditing standards and are recorded in the history. The integrated clipboard allows the creation of virtual document collections that serve, for example, as a project folder and further simplify processing for the respective user. A professional user and group management ensures secure access to the archive and its documents. As an option, the user and group management can also be connected via LDAP and Active Directory. A modern data erasure policy according to the generally accepted principles of computerised accounting systems in Germany and the GDPR allows the legally compliant erasure of documents and user information. The integrated backup system of ecoDMS ensures a clean data backup and recovery.

This is only a small extract from the many features ecoDMS offers. ecoDMS GmbH Aachen presents their archiving system in the latest product video. The video can be viewed on the official ecoDMS YouTube channel. Prospective buyers can test the software for free. The full version can be purchased either directly via the ecoDMS online shop or through an ecoDMS GmbH reseller. The lifetime license fee guarantee offers all customers a consistent and very fair license fee. A license is valid for an unlimited period of time and does not depend on the number of documents.

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