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The ecoDMS document management system has a great new feature. Since version 18.09-2 ecoDMS users can share selected documents from the archive for external download. The recipient does not require an ecoDMS installation. Recipients can download the documents through their web browser via a download link which they receive from the ecoDMS user.

This new feature makes sharing documents with externals very easy. For example, files required for the quarterly accounts can be selected and transferred to an external accountant with just a few clicks. The accountant only requires the download link and the matching password for the download. The recipient does not require an ecoDMS instance. Files are downloaded via the recipient’s browser.

All required download settings can be configured beforehand in ecoDMS. ecoDMS users select the respective documents in the ecoDMS client and execute the “Share Document(s)” function. Then users can specify a password, the maximum number of downloads, and end date and a note for the download. Finally, ecoDMS generates a download link. The recipient must enter the download link in a web browser. After entering the password, the download starts immediately.

The ecoDMS client manages all shared files in an overview. The overview lists each file with its download settings and the number of downloads. Here you can also stop sharing the files.

In order to use the new “Share Document(s)” feature, you must enable the ecoDMS web service and the associated remote access. This is required to access the ecoDMS server and the shared data. The feature is available in the trial and the full version of the current ecoDMS release.

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