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ecoMAILZ version 1.0.7, a new update for the software for automatic email archiving, is available for installation. This version includes important bug fixes, optimizations and interesting new features.

ecoMAILZ allows users to archive all new and existing emails, including attachments, automatically and directly from the email server. ecoMAILZ works with a multi-step archiving concept which complies with the legal requirements for storing emails.

An important component is the integrated GDPR-compliant erasure concept. The usability of this erasure option has been improved. The new permission option allows selected users to respond to erasure requests without requiring a read permission. The following example shows the importance of this feature: A company is working with the recommended two-man rule when deleting emails. By default, a user in ecoMAILZ only sees emails for which he or she has a permission. It may be the case, however, that the user must consent to deleting an email for which he or she does not have a read permission. To allow staff responsible for processing erasure requests to process incoming erasure requests independent of their read permissions, the setting “Respond to erase requests independent of permissions” permits a user to view all erasure requests independent of their permissions. These emails, however, are only visible in the “Erase Requests” section. They are not displayed in the main overview section, which will continue to display only those emails for which the user has a read permission.

Another important new feature in this update is the adaptation of access permissions for the default user of the email archive. ecoMAILZ automatically creates this user during installation. This user serves for first login and system setup. Only users with respective privileges can read messages. The default user only has an administrator role. This role has no read permission.

Apart from the above-mentioned features, the update includes the implementation of OAuth for Exchange Adapters and a few bug fixes, customisations and optimisations. The full changelog is available on the ecoDMS website.

The ecoMAILZ email archive is available for the current versions of Windows, Linux and NAS.

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