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ecoWORKZ is the name of the new software by ecoDMS GmbH, which enables virtual communication via video chat and automates processes in ecoDMS Archive. ecoWORKZ enhances the digital ecoDMS Archive of the Aachen-based company with a smart and efficient solution for document-based collaboration and automation of archiving processes. The release of ecoWORKZ is planned for summer 2020. The exact release date will be announced soon. Until the release, ecoDMS will successively present the individual features.

Being able to access business-relevant processes and data from anywhere is increasingly gaining importance. Modern communication channels and work methods have become existential for many businesses. HomeOffice workplaces must be integrated seamlessly into business process. ecoWORKZ creates new ways for optimizing the internal digitalization strategy.
The integrated video chat of ecoWORKZ is the starting point for the feature introduction. Keep in touch with other colleagues and exchange important information. This is particularly important today.

The video chat feature allows all ecoDMS Archive users to discuss current business processes Face2Face with colleagues even in Corona times. Users can exchange documents, clarify open questions about document processing, and discuss future procedures. The chat feature is an integral part of ecoWORKZ, which integrates the chat directly in ecoDMS Archive.

The chat enables video, audio and text communication with an excellent picture and sound quality. Moreover, the feature’s fast provisioning of the necessary data is compelling. The default end-to-end encryption provides the necessary security during communication and the exchange of confidential information.

To use the chat, you need an existing connection through the ecoDMS Connection Manager. Users can start communicating directly through the Connection Manager. It is not necessary to open any other ecoDMS application. Within ecoDMS you can also discuss a specific, archived document.

ecoWORKZ comes at a one-time cost of 99.00 Euro including VAT. To purchase and use the functions of ecoWORKZ, users require an existing license and installation of the full ecoDMS version 18.09 (apu). Following its release, ecoWORKZ can be purchased and easily enabled with the existing license.

ecoDMS GmbH will publish more information and details soon. The website of the Aachen-based company already features initial product information at


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