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ecoDMS GmbH has released a brand- new software called ecoWORKZ. ecoWORKZ provides great features for digital communication via video chat, automatic import of emails and documents, and the automation of recurring processes in ecoDMS Archive.

The integrated setup assistant allows the definition of processes, which shortens many recurring routines like the acknowledgement and approval of documents. Viewing invoices and approving them for booking, receiving and acknowledging annual reports or management analyses. This is just a small extract of recurring processes in an organisation that can be optimised, simplified and significantly accelerated with ecoWORKZ.

Transfer of business-relevant PDF and TIFF files with a few mouse-clicks for acknowledgement and approval via ecoWORKZ to the responsible staff members. The status in the ecoDMS Archive always indicates the current process level of a document. Set up a process with ecoWORKZ so that the process automatically starts for the relevant documents in ecoDMS Archive. As soon as a document is classified in ecoDMS with the criteria set in ecoDMS Archive, the process starts and the respective users receive a task to acknowledge or approve these files.

The available tasks are presented clearly and with specific details to the responsible staff. A digital stamp on the document identifies the process, the user, the type of response and date and time. The stamp can be applied to the document by the user with a simple mouse-click when a task has been executed. Once a process has finished, the status in ecoDMS Archive is updated. If the document has been stamped, ecoWORKZ creates a new version of the document. The new version is saved to the version management of ecoDMS Archive next to the original file. This means that the original always persists.

ecoWORKZ setup is user-friendly and intuitive. The software can be configured to suit individual requirements. During setup, the ecoWORKZ robot offers valuable tips and explains what to do where.

Use the file import to automatically import all documents and files from a folder of the file system into ecoDMS Archive. The files are stored in the original document format. ecoWORKZ imports the existing files from the specified folder in a configured interval. For classification in ecoDMS Archive, you can specify the status, document type and target folder. During the archiving process, the specified values are automatically assigned in ecoDMS Archive.

Another function in ecoWORKZ is the email import. Use Email Import in ecoWORKZ to automatically import emails and their attachments from a predefined email box directly into ecoDMS Archive. If, for example, a mailbox is used as an incoming channel for invoices, the retrieved messages can be archived in ecoDMS with the attributions “Invoice” for document type and “To Do” for status. It is also possible to assign more classification attributes, such as the target folder, date, or subject and sender as values for a text field in ecoDMS. The ecoWORKZ process can transfer these invoices automatically for acknowledgement or approval to third parties.

A particular highlight of ecoWORKZ is the video chat. It enables fast digital communication with other ecoDMS users and allows the exchange of data via chat. Because staying in touch with other colleagues and discussing business issues is more important today than ever. The video chat function is readily available in ecoDMS Archive through the ecoWORKZ plugin. Use it to communicate one-to-one with other users of ecoDMS Archive via video, audio and text, and share documents. Default end-to-end encryption provides the necessary security during communication and the exchange of confidential information. To work with the video chat, you only need a connection via the ecoDMS Archive Connection Manager. It is also possible to open the chat in ecoDMS Client and in the Web Client. While working on an acknowledgement or approval process, the video chat can also be started straight from a task.

ecoWORKZ is ideal for companies with smaller, recurrent document management tasks. Self-employed people and companies with lean document processes benefit from this powerful solution. It helps them fundamentally optimise their document archive without much configuration and at small expenditure. ecoWORKZ thus presents a great alternative to the more complex ecoWorkflow solution. ecoWORKFLOW is ideal for large companies that need to accelerate and automate complex processes of all kinds and from different systems.

Implementing ecoWORKZ processes is simple thanks to the user-friendly interface. Activating the ecoDMS enables ecoWORKZ without requiring installation, and it is immediately ready to use. There are no installation steps or similar required.

The prerequisite for using ecoWORKZ is an existing full version of the ecoDMS document management system version 18.09 (apu). The one-time price for ecoWORKZ is 99.00 Euro including VAT for the entire system. Then all ecoDMS users can work with the full scope of ecoWORKZ.

The official ecoDMS YouTube channel has a play list featuring “ecoWORKZ”. The videos explain the functions of ecoWORKZ. Download the play list using the following link:

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