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Aachen, July 2022. ecoDMS GmbH is providing a recording of a free live demo on YouTube for the ecoDMS document management system. The video offers first insights into the feature scope of ecoDMS and shows the options offered by the archiving system.

The video is available in the official ecoDMS YouTube channel at the following link:

Watch Presentations (YouTube)

In regular intervals ecoDMS GmbH offers its clients and prospects the opportunity to take part in free live demos on its software. Employees from Aachen present the feature scope of the software in 45 to 60 minutes. These presentations are available for the ecoDMS document management system, the email archiving software ecoMAILZ, and for ecoWORKZ with video chat and smart workflows for ecoDMS.

There is a very high demand for such free live demos. The next dates have already been scheduled. Those wanting to take part in one of the next free live demos can register at the following links:

What is ecoDMS?

ecoDMS is a software for simple, long-term, revision-compliant and platform-independent archiving of all types of documents. The software cleans up desks and brings order to the office. Folders and general paper consumption can be reduced to a minimum with the document management system.

In compliance with the law and auditing requirements, ecoDMS includes a professional backup system for data backup and recovery. As a standalone solution for private users and businesses, in small and large networks, on a NAS and as a rental solution, ecoDMS offers enormous scalability.

All documents are automatically full-text indexed and, if required, classified and archived by the system itself. The integrated automatic text recognition (OCR “Tesseract”) and the search and filtering features allow a quick and easy document search, just like googling. ecoDMS offers quick access to all documents on a PC, laptop, smart phone and tablet.

What is ecoWORKZ?

ecoWORKZ extends ecoDMS software with the following features: Video chat, automatic file and email import straight to ecoDMS, smart processes for document acknowledgement and approval, and the option of printing a digital stamp on documents. The application is available as an option for the ecoDMS archiving system and is ideal for businesses.

What is ecoMAILZ?

ecoMAILZ is also an ecoDMS software product. ecoMAILZ automatically archives all incoming and outgoing emails including their attachments upon arrival on the email server. A modern web interface allows you quick access to all emails on your PC, smart phone and tablet.

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