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"The cleverest DMS of all times" is the motto under which ecoDMS GmbH is offering an entirely new generation of archiving system with its own archiving solution ecoDMS. The document management system convinces with intelligence, ease and mobility. The fair pricing concept makes the application of ecoDMS interesting to private users and small businesses.

ecoDMS is an archiving software which includes all key functions of a document management system. ecoDMS is developed, supported and distributed by ecoDMS GmbH. ecoDMS GmbH is a company of the renowned Aachen IT group applord Holding Europe GmbH.

ecoDMS can be customised for the user's documents, structures and number and type of users. This also applies to the intelligent template designer. It automatically recognises documents, enters the data in the right place and fills in the required classifications. There is also an option available for entirely automatic background archiving. The documents then merely need to be transferred to the archive. The system assigns and archives automatically when it recognises a suitable template. The template is created by the user via the ecoDMS user interface. This function speeds up and simplifies the archiving process immensely. The files, for example, only need to be dragged into ecoDMS with the mouse. When the recognition is successful, the system completes the process automatically.

With ecoDMS users can store any type of file format and any amount of data. Being a client-server system, all information is saved in a postgreSQL database. This is part of the ecoDMS installation and does not require any prior database and/or server knowledge. All files and settings are safely stored on the customer's PC and not on third party servers or at the manufacturer. ecoDMS can either be used locally on an individual computer or in a network. The installation is completed quickly and easily.

The documents easily find their way into the archive. Paper documents merely need to be scanned with a document scanner. E-mails can be archived directly from Outlook or Thunderbird. This is done with the integrated ecoDMS email add-on. For Office documents there is also a dedicated plugin. It allows direct archiving from MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and from LibreOffice Calc, Writer and Impress. A PDF/A printer is the interface for any third party printing applications. Moreover, data already on the PC can easily be dragged and dropped into ecoDMS. All documents are either assigned automatically via the template designer or manually by the user.

After archiving, it is easy to retrieve the documents. The document search is similar to the search process of a web search engine. When entering search terms, the matching documents are retrieved and displayed within seconds. This is enabled through the integrated full-text indexing function (OCR) and the available classification attributes (meta data).

The assignment of user-, folder- and document permissions guarantees the security of all data and information. The access permissions can be defined precisely.

The document management system can be downloaded for free at for a trial period of 30 days. Private users may use the system for free. The website contains elaborate instructions, videos and product information to help users to get started. An unlimited licence fee for the full version is 41.18 Euros net. The number of licences can be determined freely and can be increased at any time. The licence depends on the number of simultaneous users. The licence fees are one-off. There are no monthly or annual maintenance costs. The purchase of support and maintenance services is optional. Those who do not require support do not need to pay for it. For 41.18 Euros net, users receive a full DMS with all plugins and functions.

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