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Just in time for the Christmas season, ecoDMS GmbH has released "ecoDMS Release Update 12" with great, technical innovations. For all technology fans, the ecoDMS server is now available in a version for Raspberry Pi 2 and as a virtual container for Docker.

ecoDMS is renowned for its state-of-the-art technologies and modern, user-friendly archiving products. With this specially adapted version to Raspberry Pi 2 and Docker container, ecoDMS offers IT-savvy users an entirely new perspective in terms of document management.

Raspberry Pi is a mini PC, the base of which is about the size of a credit card. The low price is ideally suited to match the ecoDMS pricing model. In combination with ecoDMS, Raspberry Pi 2 is the ideal playground to implement an archiving solution. The ecoDMS developers have succeeded in providing the ecoDMS server with its full functionality as a stand-alone component for the Raspberry Pi 2. Users can expect a comprehensive document management system that is easy and fun to use.

Docker is an open source software which can be used on Linux-based operating system to isolate applications inside software containers by means of virtualisation. Users who wish to install several ecoDMS instances on a piece of hardware, for example, can implement this using the ecoDMS Docker solution. In order to automatically load the containers when booting the computer, we provide "Autostart Scripts" for download.

As a small Christmas gift, ecoDMS has also implemented some new functions in Release Update 12. You can now drag and drop in ecoICE. TIFF or PDF files can now be dragged and dropped into the scan programme from the file system. Moreover, we have extended the ecoICE client with the function "Delete All Documents". The PDF/A printer also has a new function. The permissions configured in the classification are now also transferred for blind text.

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A free version of the ecoDMS software is available from the download area For private users the archiving system is completely free, albeit with a limited functionality. After the first installation, ecoDMS is automatically enabled as demo version for the first 30 days. Those, who want to use ecoDMS after the demo phase and/or with the full scope of functions, need a licence for the full version. This can be purchased in the ecoDMS online shop at the competitive price of 49 Euros per licence.

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