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Aachen, April 1, 2016. Today the ecoDMS GmbH released LIRPAJOKE16, the world's first platform-independent hole punch for digital document archiving with ecoDMS. LIRPAJOKE16 promises maximum archive feeling and guaranteed hold in the archive folder after scanning. With this world novelty documents can be punched immediately, safely and everywhere.

The model LIRPAJOKE16 is tested and is certified for processing of incoming mails with the ecoDMS data mangement system. ecoDMS makes document digitalizing more interesting. The compact design of the hole punch allows the use in nearly any environment. So LIRPAJOKE 16 is, among other, suitable for all offices and gardens. The green, water-repellent surface of the metal punch makes a qualified punching even in windy and rainy weather possible.

LIRPAJOKE 16 is quickly set up and easy to use. The product can be configured specifically to the desired document size. For this LIRPAJOKE16 has various configuration options. Due to the built-in wireless interface, the certified document hole punch can be used platform-independent and environmentally friendly. The fully automatic duplex function is a highlight of the hole punch. It allows a two-sided punching of documents. The hole punch recognizes automatically the front and back of the documents and performs the punching on both sides simultaneously.

The clever combination of LIRPAJOKE16 and ecoDMS makes a professional processing of incoming mail possible for everyone. The documents can be punched immediately after arrival and then be scanned with any scanner. Via ecoICE the documents are directly available and can be safely archived with the relevant classification information in the digital archive.

After scanning the document search is as easy as googling. The documents can be found quickly in ecoDMS. The two holes can be viewed any time via the preview function in ecoDMS. LIRPAJOKE 16 makes an optimum hole quality and offers users a maximum archive feeling.

Because LIRPAJOKE 16 is a world novelty, it has immediately drawn everyone's attention. Hundreds of thousands buyers have sold out LIRPAJOKE16 within a few minutes. The waiting period for pre-orders of the new production is currently at least 18 months.

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