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The ecoDMS document archive is intended for the audit-proof storage of paper documents and digital data over a long period of time. The software is ideal for virtually any type of user due to its platform-independence, adaptability and fair pricing. Private users, small to medium-sized companies and large corporations can implement professional document management with ecoDMS. The full version is available at 49 Euros gross per licence. Any number of users can be selected and the number of users can be extended at any time. A licence is valid for an unlimited period of time and independent of the number of archived documents. For private users, the Free4Three edition offers a lean but free version of the archiving system.

Archiving with ecoDMS is user-friendly and convenient. Documents on the file system can easily be dragged and dropped into the archive. The full version contains plugins and add-ons for Microsoft Office, LibreOffice and OpenOffice. Through these plugins and add-ons, documents created in Office can be saved directly to the ecoDMS archive. ecoDMS stores the original Office file and also creates an audit-proof PDF/A document. The Office file can be edited via the integrated version management and archived as a new version in ecoDMS.

For e-mail archiving ecoDMS also has its add-ons. Incoming and outgoing emails can be archived directly from Thunderbird and MS Outlook with the respective ecoDMS mail add-on. Users can select which parts of the e-mail they want to archive in ecoDMS. E-mail attachments and pure e-mail content can be stored.

The virtual PDF/A printer from ecoDMS allows archiving from any software programme able to print. The PDF/A printer from ecoDMS can be selected in the printing function of the software application. The file is then saved to the archive as an audit-proof PDF/A document. The ecoDMS PDF/A printer can be configured as required. For example, a letterhead can be configured as a background for the PDF. Existing printing devices can also be addressed. It is also possible to configure different print profiles and more printing functions. A particular highlight is dummy text recognition and the dark process. With the printer it is possible to perform automated archiving processes from external programmes.

Automatic archiving and document classification are significant features of ecoDMS. Documents stored in ecoDMS can be automatically assigned according to specified attributes and also archived without requiring manual intervention from the user. This is made possible by the intelligent ecoDMS template designer. This makes the classification and archiving processes easy to automate and optimise. The system automatically assigns the matching folder, the responsible person, the status, and many more classification attributes.

Virtually all file formats can be archived in ecoDMS. Retrieving the stored data and information is particularly easy with the archiving software. Every readable file is full-text indexed during archiving. The recognised characters, text and information make searching for documents as easy as googling. Based on the full-text information and the classification attributes, you can perform any kind and number of search requests. The matching documents are immediately displayed on the workstation.

To ensure that the documents can only be viewed and edited by the person who is responsible and authorised, ecoDMS offers the assignment of separate access permissions for each file and each existing folder. This ensures the privacy of documents.

The ecoDMS full version offers everything that makes a DMS invaluable: A programme for incoming e-mail processing of scanned paper documents, an archiving interface with clear document administration, plugins and add-ons for Microsoft Office, LibreOffice, OpenOffice, Thunderbird and Outlook, a PDF/A printer for archiving from any application that can print, numerous search functions, integrated and fully automatic OCR full-text indexing, version management, comprehensive settings, user and group management, connections to Active Directory and LDAP, a browser-based web interface, mobile apps for smartphone and tablet, and much more.

Anyone interested in the software can test it in the demo version for 30 days. The demo and full version components are identical. ecoDMS can be run under Windows, Ubuntu, Debian and MacOS. QNAP and NAS devices that support virtualisation can also be used. The full version is activated with a licence code. The licence can be purchased at Documentation, product information and training videos are available on the website.


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