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The Aachen-based software company ecoDMS GmbH today announces the clipboard, another highlight of the new ecoDMS major release. Any documents can be dragged into the clipboard and collected in a sort of "portfolio". The clipboard allows users to add notes to the documents and browse through the notes. Anyone who has created such a "portfolio" can share it with other users and give them reading or editing permissions.

The clipboard can be used to add various documents from the ecoDMS archive to a user-defined "portfolio". A "portfolio" can contain several tabs with different document collections. The documents will, of course, retain all their classifications and permissions.

The person who has created a clipboard can decide whether and how other users can access a document collection. Other users can be given read or write access to the respective clipboard.

In the clipboard, the contents are displayed clearly in previews. The preview can be enlarged and browsed by clicking the mouse. For each added file, the archiving system displays the filename, status and classification of the comment field. Users also have the option of saving their own notes to a document in the clipboard.

In the document archiving sector, ecoDMS stands for modern, platform-independent technology, user-friendly functions and fair pricing. ecoDMS offers full functionality at a low price. The archive is quick to install and easy to operate. State-of-the-art functions and an excellent pricing guarantee make ecoDMS an absolute software favourite.

The first glimpses of the new version and the screen shots of the user interface are generating excitement about what is to come because the clipboard function is only one of many great novelties. The new ecoDMS release will be released in autumn 2016. The exact release date and further details will be announced shortly at .

The already announced innovations of the Eleanor release at a glance:

A glance at the innovations revealed to date shows: ecoDMS users can really look forward to a great version with many interesting features:
  • Fresh colours, new icons and a flat, modern "material design" give a new radiance to the archiving system.
  • The clipboard can be used to add various documents from the ecoDMS archive to a user-defined "portfolio".
  • The merger of ecoDMS and ecoICE will further optimise the archiving steps.
  • Linking several documents will allow the grouping of different files.
  • Email attachments can in future be full-text indexed and stored together with the email.
  • The already valid "life-long licence price guarantee" enables all ecoDMS customers access to a constant and absolutely fair licence price.

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