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It is now official. The popular ecoDMS archive is entering a new round with many great highlights. The new ecoDMS version 16.09 (eleanor) will be released in the last week of September. As well as the release date, the software company from Aachen will reveal more secrets about the next ecoDMS generation, including automated backup functions, the shortcut for full-text search, and highlighting recognised search terms in the preview window.

Eleanor will simplify the backup process of the archiving solution even more. In addition to the existing OneClick backup and the console programmes, users will be able to configure automated, time-controlled data backups in the Settings dialogue box. ecoDMS then automatically executes a backup at the specified time. The data backup is freely configurable. For example, users can make a full backup of the entire database and containers. As an alternative, it is also possible to make an incremental data backup. In this case ecoDMS adds any changes to the existing backup in the selected rhythm.

A further innovation is the integrated shortcut function. With a user-defined shortcut, users can start the ecoDMS full-text search from any application. Users only need to enter the required search term in a programme (e.g. web browser, email client, Office file, etc.), select and then enter a specified shortcut. Entering the shortcut will start the full-text search in the ecoDMS client. The system searches the archived documents for the selected terms. The matching search results are immediately displayed in the ecoDMS archive.

If a document preview exists for a retrieved file, the recognised words from the full-text search will, in future, be highlighted in colour in the preview window. If a term occurs multiple times in a document, ecoDMS also displays an overview of the text snippets containing the term in the preview window. A mouse-click will take users to the required passages.

With version 16.09 (eleanor) ecoDMS will start a new generation of document archiving. There is a lot of expectation and excitement in the run up to this ecoDMS version 16.09 (eleanor). The new release will be published in calendar week 39 (2016), together with a revamped web page of ecoDMS GmbH. Users can look forward to these and more highlights.
  • Fresh colours, new icons and a flat, modern "material design" give the archiving system a new radiance.
  • The merger of ecoDMS and ecoICE will further optimise the archiving steps.
  • The clipboard can be used to add various documents from the ecoDMS archive to a user-defined "portfolio".
  • Linking several documents will allow different files to be grouped.
  • Email attachments can in future be full-text indexed and stored together with the email.
  • The document preview will show recognised full-text search terms.
  • With a user-defined shortcut, users can start the ecoDMS full-text search from any application.
  • In the Settings dialogue box, users can configure automated, time-controlled data backups.
  • The already valid "life-long licence price guarantee" gives all ecoDMS customers access to a constant and absolutely fair licence price.

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