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ecoDMS GmbH is today releasing the latest generation of the successful archiving software ecoDMS and with it an entirely new website. In the first step only the Windows packages of Eleanor are available. The components for Ubuntu, Debian, MacOS, Raspberry Pi and Docker (incl. QNAP and Synology NAS) are coming soon.

A glance at the remarkable change log proves: ecoDMS users can look forward to a great version with many interesting functions: Starting with a first class server technology with a secure, encrypted container storage system and automatic, time-controlled backup functions, a user-friendly clipboard to create customized document portfolios and new search and preview functions and modern archiving technology, ecoDMS version 16.09 (eleanor) is a true milestone in the archiving world.

The side panel is already deemed to become a particular highlight for all ecoDMS Archive users. The side panel displays on the right of the screen after you have enabled it in the connection manager. Documents can be dragged from anywhere to a specified classification template in the side panel. The documents are then automatically archived without any need for action by the user. Because the side panel is accessible from everywhere, it allows archiving from virtually all locations at the workplace.

Saving all archived data in a container opens up new possibilities for archiving, data backup and restoring data. Spreading information across containers and a database offers more security and flexibility when managing data.

Eleanor will simplify the backup process of the archiving solution even more. In addition to the existing OneClick backup and the console programmes, users are able to configure automated, time-controlled data backups in the Settings dialogue box. ecoDMS then automatically executes a backup at the specified time.

A further innovation is the integrated shortcut function. With a user-defined shortcut, users can start the ecoDMS full-text search from any application. The matching search results are immediately displayed in the ecoDMS archive.

If a document preview exists for a retrieved file, the recognised words from the full-text search are highlighted in colour in the preview window. If a term occurs multiple times in a document, ecoDMS also displays an overview of the text snippets containing the term in the preview window. A mouse-click takes users to the required passages.

The combination of the archive client and the functions for the inbox processing of scanned documents makes archiving even more user-friendly and more convenient. Immediately after the scanning process, users can retrieve the documents on the Inbox tab in the ecoDMS Archive client. On the tab there are several functions available to process your emails, for example, rotate, delete, move. All scanned invoices, agreements, letters, etc. can be transferred immediately to the document archive for revision-secure archiving via the ecoDMS Archive Inbox.

This is only an extract of the various innovations. You can find a full overview of the ecoDMS portfolio on the ecoDMS website.

At a comprehensive portfolio is awaiting all friends of digital records. ecoDMS GmbH is a specialist for digitalisation and archiving. The current major release ecoDMS version 16.09 (eleanor) starts a new era of document archiving. ecoDMS customers can look forward to state-of-the-art technology and new archiving functions.

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