The latest Java version is now also available for Linux systems. The upgrade to the latest Java version improves your system security because older versions do not include the latest security updates.

Consequently, ecoDMS Server has had an important update: Version 16.09-1-2 and Version 14.08-12-1-3 of the ecoDMS Server component is compatible with Java8 = u111 under Debian Jessie, Ubuntu Trusty and Ubuntu Xenial.

If you are running ecoDMS Server under one of this Linux distributions and are using the latest Java version, we recommend you install the latest ecoDMS update. The update is supplied through the package management.

Before each update and upgrade, make sure you create a complete and clean backup. Install the ecoDMS server via the console if you have Linux. Refer to the ecoDMS installation manual for a detailed step-by-step guide and "sources.list" entries. You cannot download the components directly from the ecoDMS website.

You can download the current ecoDMS manuals for free at the following link:

file_download Manuals

ecoDMS Version 18.09 (apu)

Download the current version of the successful archiving system and test the features for free for 30 days. In the shop you can purchase licences for the full version.

ecoMAILZ Version 17.08 (donnie)

The "ecoMAILZ" email archive is a new standalone software for automatic and legally compliant email archiving. Test the software with up to 3000 messages for free.

Press Clippings

Numerous magazines and PR portals report on our company and our archiving systems. You can find an extract of our clippings here.