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The ecoDMS software from Aachen is the best proof for simple, user-friendly, cross-platform and good value document archiving and management. With ecoDMS users can safely store any files to a digital archive, protect them against loss and retrieve them quickly at any time. For an unbeatable and, most of all, one-off price of 69 Euro including 19% VAT per licence, users get a professional archiving system with full functionality. Private users can permanently use ecoDMS with reduced functionality for free.

As a client-server system ecoDMS fulfils the technical requirements for revision-secure document archiving. Following the slogan "scanning, archiving, managing", private and business documents can be archived in an instant. State-of-the-art search functions make searching for documents as easy as googling. For this purpose, the software contains several user interfaces for the computer, internet browser, smart phones and tablets. The individual components can be installed across platforms under Windows, Ubuntu, Debian, Raspbian, MacOS, as Docker Image under QNAP and Synology, and as mobile App under Android and iOS. Installation and application are easy to understand. The intelligent archiving functions allow speedy, automatic document storage. Any files can, for example, be dragged onto the ecoDMS side panel at the edge of the screen of the PC. The rest is up to ecoDMS. Assigning and archiving data is performed fully automatically based on previously stored properties.

Scanning magically turns conventional paper documents into modern, digital files. They are retrieved via the ecoDMS inbox and transferred to the document archive. Conventional filing in file folders is old hat.

Each readable, archived file is full-text indexed by ecoDMS and thus automatically made searchable with keywords. This makes searching for documents with this archiving solution as easy as googling. You can quickly retrieve documents, metadata, classification information and notes by entering specific search criteria. You only need to enter the matching search terms in the ecoDMS search box. The search results are immediately displayed with the associated storage information.

Whether it is a paper or a digital file: Virtually all file formats can be archived with ecoDMS. Convenient plugins for Microsoft Office, LibreOffice, OpenOffice, Outlook and Thunderbird help users archive directly from the different applications. Documents can also be saved to the archive from any printable application via the PDF/A printer. With drag & drop and the side panel, documents also quickly find their way into the archive. Anyone wanting to access the archive to archive documents while travelling can easily do so via ecoDMS mobile app from their smartphone or tablet.

For perfect assignment users can enter the matching classification attributes such as folder, date, document type and status. To ensure that the documents can only be viewed and edited by authorised persons, ecoDMS offers the assignment of separate access permissions for each document and each existing folder. This ensures the privacy of documents.

ecoDMS uses state-of-the-art technology. Saving all archived data in a container opens up new possibilities for archiving, data backup and restoring data. Spreading information across containers and a database offers more security and flexibility when managing data.

Download the brand new ecoDMS version 16.09 (eleanor) at for 30 days' free trial. The software components for the demo version, Free4Three Edition and the full version are identical. Following the trial period, users can activate the full version by installing the licence.

For this and more information, visit the ecoDMS GmbH website at

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