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The Aachen-based software company ecoDMS GmbH has released its update 16.09-2-0 (eleanor) for the digital ecoDMS Archive for server and clients. The release comprises bug fixes, optimisations, modifications and minor new features. The release update is available for all operating systems supported by ecoDMS. With this release, users can install ecoDMS on Windows Server 2016. Moreover, ecoDMS has optimised and adapted the client interface for high-definition screens.

The full changelog is available at the ecoDMS website. The most up-to-date software components are available in the download area of the website. Before updating, users must always backup their system. The ecoDMS manuals contain instructions for the installation, backup and restore processes.


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ecoDMS is a very popular software for electronic archiving. ecoDMS fulfils all requirements of a revision-secure document archive, from scanning and archiving paper documents and automatic archiving of all electronic files, integrated version management, document history and interfaces for all standard email and Office applications to fully automatic full-text recognition (OCR) and numerous intelligent search functions.

The digital archive offers quick access and easy retrieval of any document and data type. This solution offers more transparency and efficiency in document management. The software is quick to install and handling is easy to learn. Given the extremely fair licensing model, anyone can use ecoDMS. At a mere price of 69 Euro including 19% VAT per simultaneous connection, the licence price is unbeatable. Private users can employ the digital archive for free over an unlimited period, albeit with restricted functionality.

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