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Rumours surrounding the popular document archive ecoDMS are seriously broiling. If one gives credit to the latest rumours, ecoDMS is not the cheapest archiving system in the world. Instead, all this is fake and a complete rip-off. Apparently, the Aachen software company lures customers with low licence fees only to then shock them with expensive additional costs for archiving and retrieving documents. These are the fake news currently being spread by market players and haters of ecoDMS GmbH to draw attention to themselves.

Anyone visiting the ecoDMS website or already using ecoDMS knows that the originators of these rumours are completely wrong when they say "ecoDMS cannot be used without an interface at high monthly fees." Well, "To err is human." It is also thinkable that in this case the OCR function, the important text recognition function of the competitor software, failed to read the ecoDMS website properly.

The ecoDMS software has become well-established on the DMS market in recent years. The modern and fair licensing, development and sales model seems to intimidate other DMS manufacturers. And that is not surprising. At a one-off licence price of 69 Euro including 19% VAT per simultaneous access for the entire archiving system with integrated OCR and a variety of plugins, competitors are bound to feel worried. In such cases facts are easily confused.

The excellent customer reviews, sales figures and our website prove that these claims are mere gossip. The value for money of ecoDMS is in fact unique and extremely fair.

As a client-server system, the archiving software convinces all along the line. Thousands of private and business users are successfully using ecoDMS, sometimes over many years. The customer base is growing every day. ecoDMS saves all documents and files in a central, audit-proof electronic archive. The one-off licence price of 69 Euro gross covers all archiving functions, the fully automatic OCR, plugins for Microsoft Office, LibreOffice and OpenOffice, including version management, addons for Outlook and Thunderbird, a PDF/A printer, professional user and group management including LDAP and Active Directory connection, various search and filtering functions, audit-proof document history, and much more. There are no hidden costs. A licence is valid for an unlimited period and is independent of the number of archived and retrieved documents.

All document types can be saved to ecoDMS. To do so, the system offers numerous archiving functions. Paper documents are scanned and stored via the inbox. The plugins and addons allow quick and convenient archiving from the above-mentioned applications. The virtual PDF/​A printer from ecoDMS enables easy archiving of documents from printable applications, such as picture and graphic programmes, inventory management systems and many more as a PDF/​A document. All data already on the PC can easily be dragged and dropped into the archive. For those who want to access their archived files while travelling, the mobile app can quickly help find and archive the required files. With the web client, you can access information from various internet browsers. Archiving with ecoDMS has virtually no limits. With just a few mouse-clicks the documents are archived, automatically full-text-indexed and, if required, also categorised without user interaction. Intelligent document recognition automatically determines document affiliation and stores the files in the correct place and for the specified users. State-of-the-art search functions make searching for documents as easy as googling.

Apart from the software's numerous standard functions, customers can use the ecoDMS API REST service to implement custom calls and connections. Programmers can use this interface to connect third-party systems to ecoDMS and to create customised functions. In contrast to the rumours, ecoDMS software can also be used unreservedly without API. The API is not required for the general application of ecoDMS and its plugins and addons.

The "ecoDMS API Rest Service" provides an interface to the ecoDMS server and enables access to the basic DMS server functions. To use the API, customers require so-called API connects. The API also has an extremely fair and customer-oriented licensing model. API connects are valid for an unlimited period for the associated ecoDMS version and can be purchased as required. The price for the API is also one-off - like for ecoDMS licences - and not payable on a monthly basis. Moreover, the licenses are not calculated per user, but are directly bound to the server and the respective licence number. All uploads and downloads are included. Retrieving folder lists, for example, is not counted as a connect.

Summary: The value for money of ecoDMS is fair, transparent and customer-oriented. There are no hidden costs. A licence only costs 69 Euro gross per simultaneous connection, is unlimited in time and the number of archived and retrieved documents. Private users can use the software with limited functionality for free in the Free4Three edition. You do not have to use the API. The interface is included in ecoDMS per default and is made available for developers. The API offers the facility to programmatically connect other systems to ecoDMS. The API is not required for the general use of ecoDMS and its components. ecoDMS is the cheapest archive of all times and is incredibly popular.

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