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Electronic archiving of any documents, emails, data and information becomes available to everyone with the digital ecoDMS document archive. The archiving solution from Aachen allows low-cost and user-friendly document storage according to the German guidelines for the generally accepted principles of computerised accounting systems. The affordable licence fee of 69 Euro gross per simultaneous connection comprises full functionality. For private users the software is free in the Free4Three edition. Software components, comprehensive documentation, training videos and much more are available for free at

The server-side of the client-server system runs under Windows, Ubuntu, Debian and Docker with support for NAS devices from Synology and QNAP. The user interfaces are also available for MacOS, web browsers, Android and iOS.

The ecoDMS archiving software is ideal for electronic storage of all private and business documents. Following the installation, users can immediately start saving their data and documents.

Paper documents are digitalised with a document scanner and archived via the ecoDMS Inbox. Files that are already in the file system can be easily dragged into the ecoDMS user interface. For incoming and outgoing emails, the full version also provides addons for MS Outlook and Thunderbird. For MS Office, OpenOffice and LibreOffice, ecoDMS provides plugins that allow immediate archiving and version management from those applications. The ecoDMS PDF/A printer can be used for other third party applications. The PDF/A printer allows direct archiving from any printable software and stores the documents safely in PDF/A format. The integrated OneClick backup function caters for data backup and recovery. All components are included in the one-off licence fee. A qualified classification dialogue box ensures correct document assignment. This dialogue box helps users to individually configure the folder, document status, roles, document type and much more for each file. Assigning classification information is performed either manually by the user or fully automatically by ecoDMS. Intelligent document recognition then automatically moves the documents to the archive based on the document's layout and the content.

Once they have been stored electronically, the documents can be retrieved very quickly. Users can access their files via the ecoDMS user interfaces from their PCs, web browsers, smart phones and tablets. To do so, ecoDMS offers various easy to use search and filter functions. The integrated full-text search is particularly helpful. By entering search terms, you can retrieve the data you are looking for just like googling. In a PDF preview, ecoDMS then displays the retrieved document.

The entire document archive can be adapted to any business structure through the Settings dialogue box and professional user and group management. They can be used to create and manage folder structures, document types, statuses, access privileges and any other attributes. For those using LDAP or Active Directory, ecoDMS has an integrated API.

The ecoDMS document archive fulfils the GoBD directive.

The website of the Aachen-based software company offers all the software components for free download with a 30-day trial period. The ecoDMS online shop offers the purchase of licences for the full version.


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