Our Solutions for Private Individuals

Use our digital archiving systems to find important documents, images and files instead of searching for them

  • First Class, Cross-Platform Software
  • Fair Value for Money with Low-Cost ecoDMS Private Edition
  • Free ecoDMS Free4Three Edition for Private Individuals

Put an end to the paper and document chaos

Tidying Up At the Touch of a Button

Do you know this, too? Cluttered desks, large numbers of folders, full boxes and large storage mediums with huge data amounts and unsorted e-mails in your email client. It’s not a problem at first, as long as you don’t need anything.

You are always searching for a receipt or must prepare your tax declaration. To do so, you need various invoices, certificates, agreements, contracts and much more. Finding the right documents presents a real challenge to many people.

Our solution: ecoDMS

  • qxio-ios-lightbulb Tip: Use your smart phone to take pictures of your paper documents and store them in ecoDMS.
    The digital file system is really handy and simple to use. It allows you to find everything with one click and you have more time for things that are important to you.
  • qxio-ios-checkmark Use our modern “ecoDMS" to find everything you need in one storage space. Your computer!
  • qxio-ios-checkmark You can archive virtually any document type in ecoDMS, such as:

Excellent value for money

User-friendly software for archiving, managing, and finding all documents and information on your PC or from your smart phone and tablet.
  • Central archiving of all
    documents, emails, files, and data
  • Quick retrieval with full-text search
  • Legally compliant (GoBD, DSGVO)
  • Desktop and web client
  • PC, smart phone, tablet
  • Windows, Linux, NAS, MacOS
just 89.00 EUR incl. 19% VAT (Private Edition)
  • one-time purchasing price for 1 concurrent connection
  • max. 2 concurrent connections (Private Edition)
  • incl. 24-month update period

You can...

  • try ecoDMS for free and without any obligation for 30 days     
  • use the license for an unlimited period
  • create any number of users in the system because only concurrent connections are counted
  • save countless documents in the archive, your hard disk determines the memory size
  • use ecoDMS for free after the trial phase as a private user with less functionality in the Free4Three Edition

Try ecoDMS for Free

We offer you a free 30-day trial of ecoDMS without obligations. You can quickly and easily install the complete software with the AllInOne installer for Windows. ecoDMS also runs on other operating systems such as Linux, NAS and MacOS.

A Few Technical Details

  • ecoDMS is available on Windows, Linux, NAS & MacOS
  • All documents are stored on your PC (not in the cloud)
  • Access ecoDMS through the web client from your smart phone, tablet or laptop when travelling
  • Searching for documents with ecoDMS is as easy as googling
  • There is no limit to the number of documents you can store Your hard disk determines the actual storage space
  • You can quickly create an automated backup of your data with ecoDMS

Our free service offers

Our PDF documentation gives a detailed explanation of the installation, setup and use of our software.
Our free video tutorials, presentations and short films on YouTube demonstrate and explain our software.
Use this form to submit any issues or software bugs straight to our development team.
Here you can find free tips, advice, product details, FAQs and support information surrounding our software and services.

Our fee-based service offer

For our software we provide excellent service and support straight from the manufacturer via phone and email, including remote maintenance.
Expert support
straight from the manufacturer
  • Installation
  • Setup
  • Operation
  • Troubleshooting
from 25.50 EUR incl. 19% VAT
  • one-time purchasing price
  • per support package
For our software we offer user training, workshops, and free presentations straight from the manufacturer.
Quick tips + valuable knowledge
for working with our software straight from the manufacturer
  • Online Training Sessions
  • Interactive Online Workshops
  • Presentations
from 49,00 EUR incl. 19% VAT
  • one-time purchasing price
  • per course
We offer exclusive services such as data migration and business process optimization for your business.
Exclusive Services
straight from the manufacturer
  • Migrating Data to ecoDMS
  • Business Process Optimization
from 1.785,00 EUR incl. 19% VAT
  • Price depends on effort and performance
  • Exclusively for business customers

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ecoDMS is a first-class, cross-platform software for digitizing, archiving and managing your documents. And the great thing about it is: You can combine ecoDMS with our other products. Everything is available in our online shop. Here you can easily order at the touch of a button. The software is immediately dispatched environmentally friendly via e-mail. This is an overview of our product recommendations for you:
Email Archiving - Automated -
Software for automatic and secure archving of all incoming and outgoing emails and their attachments.
  • Automatic archiving
    of all emails including attachments
  • Quick retrieval with text recognition
  • Mail inbox and mail outbox
  • Legally compliant (GoBD, DSGVO)
  • Web client
  • PC, smart phone, tablet
  • Windows, Linux, NAS
just 69.00 EUR incl. 19% VAT
  • one-time purchasing price
  • per user
  • incl. 24-month update period
The ecoDMS API of the ecoDMS document management system is a REST Service interface which developers can use to develop their customizations or integrations.
  • REST Service interface for programmers
  • Connect ecoDMS to third-party systems
    e.g. CRM, merchandise management, etc
  • API Rest Service
  • Create customized functions
  • Access basic DMS server functions
from 0.36 EUR incl. 19% VAT
  • one-time purchasing price
  • per monthly upload / download
  • ecoDMS Full Version license number is prerequisite
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