Become the prime contact in your area for “Digitalisation and Archiving” and benefit from the numerous advantages of being a Qualified Premium Reseller.

Grow your customer base with our archiving system and get our official quality seal (QPR logo). As a qualified premium reseller, you offer your customers low-cost, cross-platform, comprehensive archiving solutions with full functionality. And all with a one-stop solution: Consulting, software, installation, setup, service and support. You and your customers benefit from a modern, powerful archiving system that fits perfectly into existing IT infrastructures, is easy to operate and affordable.

Become part of this great success story.

We offer:

  • During a 2-day certification training session, we will get you up to speed in “Digitalising and Archiving” with our software.
  • Once you have successfully completed the training course, you will receive the official qualified premium reseller logo as a quality label, including a certificate. You are then free to publish and link the QPR logo. Verifying the link is the easiest and simplest way for potential customers to check the authenticity of the certificate.
  • To enable you to test and present our software, we supply you with an NFR license with 3 simultaneous connections for ecoDMS Archive and a Mini Support package with direct access to our technical support.
  • Your personal shop access has special wholesale prices and offers customer protection from the first license onwards.
  • ecoDMS will forward any relevant leads from your region to you during the entire duration of the term.
  • To enable your customers to easily find you, you will have a detailed entry in the exclusive QPR area search on our website (including company logo, link and company description).
    • In the “Qualified Premium Reseller” category, we publish the following company information: Company name, full address, post code, city, county, country, website, and you have the option of publishing your company logo and a company profile (maximum 1000 characters) in your entry.
  • As QPR - partner, you will have the option of selling selling ecoDMS One and an ecoDMS One Rental Solution (SPA: Sublet-Partner-Agreement) in addition to our online portfolio. This merely requires an additional agreement with ecoDMS GmbH.
  • Your personal QPR portal access offers access to important information, content, images and logos for ecoDMS.
  • For the best possible care, you will also have access to your personal ecoDMS reseller coordinator, who will answer all your sales-related questions.
  • You will receive the Qualified Premium Reseller status for at least one year and at most until the end of term of the current ecoDMS Major release.

Become a certified reseller!

  • 2-day training (german)
  • Certificate
  • QPR logo as a quality seal
  • NFR license for ecoDMS Archive
  • 1x Mini Support
  • Customer protection
  • Leads forwarding
  • Wholesale prices in the online shop
  • Personal portal and shop access
  • Detailed company listing in the ecoDMS vendor search
  • Sales and marketing material for download
  • Personal QPR coordinator
  • ecoDMS One sales (optional)
  • ecoDMS One rental solution - SPA (optional)
  • Request price and offer now!