Learn more about how you can become a qualified premium reseller for our archiving solution.

It's this simple:

  • Please apply first as Qualified Premium Reseller via our form (see Dates & Registration).
  • For the application you need a valid trading licence (certificate of registration). This should not be older than 24 months.
  • We offer fixed training sessions. To schedule a suitable training session, please submit 2 preferred dates. We will then try to offer you a place for training on one of those dates.
  • Our reseller team will check your registration and contact you via phone or email.
    • Please understand that we must verify each application first. A completed application therefore does not oblige ecoDMS GmbH to accept the company as a Qualified Premium Reseller.
  • If the verification is successful, you will receive your personal offer for certification training as well as further services related to the status of a “Qualified Premium Reseller” shortly afterwards.
    • The QPR programme contains a support package: In order to comply with the data protection regulations - in particular the General Data Protection Regulation - resulting thereof, it is compulsory to make a separate agreement on contract data processing when purchasing a support package. You will receive a copy of this agreement in advance for viewing purposes, together with the order in PDF form.
    • For a binding participation in the QPR programme including training, please return a written confirmation of our offer and the contract data processing agreement via email.
  • Once you are a Qualified Premium Reseller, we will provide you with a certificate, the QPR logo (quality seal), the NFR license for ecoDMS Archive, the support package and your personal shop and portal access. Moreover, you will have a detailed entry in the exclusive QPR area search on the ecoDMS website.
  • In our online portal, you will find important information, texts, images and logos for our products.
    • The information and notes in the portal will help you incorporate ecoDMS in your portfolio and give it the best possible promotion.
    • To implement our software on your website, please exclusively use our copyrighted templates from the portal.
    • A backlink to the ecoDMS website as well as detailed product information will make our collaboration visible to your customers.
We hope that our training offer appeals to you and that we can offer a convenient date.

We will be pleased make a reservation for your preferred date.

Become a certified reseller!

  • 2-day training (german)
  • Certificate
  • QPR logo as a quality seal
  • NFR license for ecoDMS Archive
  • 1x Mini Support
  • Customer protection
  • Leads forwarding
  • Wholesale prices in the online shop
  • Personal portal and shop access
  • Detailed company listing in the ecoDMS vendor search
  • Sales and marketing material for download
  • Personal QPR coordinator
  • ecoDMS One sales (optional)
  • ecoDMS One rental solution - SPA (optional)
  • Request price and offer now!