ecoDMS API Connects

Programmers can use this interface to connect third-party systems to the "ecoDMS Archive" software and to create customised function calls. To use the API, you require API connects. API connects are valid for an unlimited period for the associated ecoDMS version and can be purchased as required. The fee for the API is due only once and not monthly. API connects are not required for the general operation of the archiving software.

Product Description

Here you can purchase API connects for your existing ecoDMS Archive licence to use the interface.
ecoDMS Version:
Please enter your current licence number. The selected product will be associated with this licence number and the programme version.
* Required
1 API Connects - 200 API Connects 0.41 EUR / API Connects
201 API Connects - 500 API Connects 0.39 EUR / API Connects
501 API Connects - 2000 API Connects 0.37 EUR / API Connects
from 2001 API Connects 0.35 EUR / API Connects
Price: 0.41 EUR (Brutto: 0.49 EUR)
Notice: The fee is due only once and not on a monthly basis., You do not have to use the API., Of course, there are no restrictions if you use the ecoDMS software without the API.
License Information: In order to use the extended license after receiving the new license information, you must first deactivate and then reactivate your license. Please read the information on license activation in the manual.
19 % TAX

Developer License

For customers wanting to connect ecoDMS Archive to their software, we offer a developer license for a one-time payment of 251.26 € net (299.00 € including 19% VAT). It consists of an NFR license of the current ecoDMS version with three simultaneous connections and unlimited API connects.