ecoDMS Version 18.09 (apu)

The computer programme "ecoDMS Archive" is a client-server system. It is designed for archiving electronic documents in a database. This software allows you to scan, archive, manage and retrieve paper and digital documents in a central document archive..

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Purchase your personal first license for any number of users (= simultaneous connections) for the full version of the ecoDMS archiving solution here.
  • If you have a valid license for ecoDMS version 16.09 (eleanor), you can upgrade it to version 18.09 (apu) considering the lifetime license price guarantee. In this case, please do not purchase a new first license but an upgrade license for ecoDMS.

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ecoDMS Version:
The name of the licensee is integrated in the licence and displayed in the programme.
Our optional support packages will give you direct support from the manufacturer.
  • Mini Support (41.18 EUR) (Brutto: 49.00 EUR)
  • Bronze Support (100.00 EUR) (Brutto: 119.00 EUR)
  • Silver Support (167.23 EUR) (Brutto: 199.00 EUR)
  • Gold Support (352.10 EUR) (Brutto: 419.00 EUR)
  • Premium Support (831.93 EUR) (Brutto: 990.00 EUR)
  • No Support (0.00 EUR) (Brutto: 0.00 EUR)
* Required
Price: 74.79 EUR (Brutto: 89.00 EUR) / concurrent connection(s)
1 X 74.79 EUR(Brutto: 89.00 EUR)
Mini Support [ecoDMS-SER-ECO-002] : 41.18 EUR(Brutto: 49.00 EUR)
19 % TAX
concurrent connection(s)

Direct Manufacturer Support

Our support team will be pleased to address your technical and content-related questions regarding ecoDMS GmbH software.