ecoDMS Upgrade 16-18

ecoDMS Upgrade 16-18 ecoDMS Upgrade 16-18
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Product Details:
  • ecoDMS is a client-server system. This software archives electronic documents in a database. You can use it to archive- manage and retrieve paper-based and electronic documents.
  • For more details about the product: click the “Product Description” link.
License Information:
  • This is an upgrade from ecoDMS version 16.09 (eleanor) to ecoDMS version 18.09 (apu). The name of the licensee remains the same. You can choose the number of licenses.
How to Purchase the Product:
  • Number of simultaneous connections: Enter the required number in the “Quantity” input box.
  • The number is not related to current licenses so you can choose any number.
Price Information:
  • As a default; the shop displays the current list price. The actual license fee that applies to you is automatically determined and displayed according to the lifetime license fee guarantee in our database after you have entered your license number.
  • The discounted upgrade price (based on the lifetime license-fee guarantee) applies only if you have purchased all consecutive Major releases including a license for the previous programme version (here: ecoDMS version 16.09).

Direct Manufacturer Support

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