ecoMAILZ - Expansion License

ecoMAILZ is a software for automatic and legally compliant email archiving. With the introduction of ecoMAILZ, users can archive all new and existing emails including attachments securely and directly from the email server.

Product Description

Here you can extend your ecoMAILZ licence with additional users.
  • Please note that an extension always applies to your current ecoMAILZ version.
  • Enter the number of users by which you wish to extend your existing licence in the "Quantity" field.
  • The licence price will be calculated automatically based on the specified licence number (lifetime licence price guarantee [LLG]).
    • The LLG only applies if all licences were extended without interruption within a grace period of 3 months.
  • Licence extensions do not extend the update period.
ecoMAILZ Version:
Please enter your current licence number. The selected product will be associated with this licence number and the programme version.
Our optional support packages will give you direct support from the manufacturer.
  • Mini Support (41.18 EUR) (Brutto: 49.00 EUR)
  • Quick Support (15.97 EUR) (Brutto: 19.00 EUR)
  • Bronze Support (100.00 EUR) (Brutto: 119.00 EUR)
  • Silber Support (167.23 EUR) (Brutto: 199.00 EUR)
  • Gold Support (352.00 EUR) (Brutto: 418.88 EUR)
  • Premium Support (831.93 EUR) (Brutto: 990.00 EUR)
  • Kein Support (0.00 EUR) (Brutto: 0.00 EUR)
* Required
Price: 49.58 EUR (Brutto: 59.00 EUR) / Users
1 X 49.58 EUR(Brutto: 59.00 EUR)
Mini Support [ecoDMS-SER-ECO-002]: 41.18 EUR(Brutto: 49.00 EUR)
Notice: Please note that your computer requires a stable internet connection to activate the license. The license is compared with the ecoMAILZ license server and activated accordingly., Licence extensions do not extend the update period.
License Information: In order to use the extended license after receiving the new license information, you must first deactivate and then reactivate your license. Please read the information on license activation in the manual.
19 % TAX

Direct Manufacturer Support

Our support team will be pleased to address your technical and content-related questions regarding ecoDMS GmbH software.